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  Contest time Hunams of the world!

It's contest time Hunams! but what contest might we be having?

That's where you come in, it's been sometime since we had a contest around these parts, so I thought we'd open it up to everyone and make choosing the contest a contest in it's self!

So Send in your suggestions and I'll add it to a Poll

I'll start off with a few, I'll run the poll for 10 days so get your suggestions and votes in! and to make it more interesting you can pick 2 options and you can change your vote as options are added.
I should also note there is a wonderful prize were going to give away but more on that later ;)

NOTE: Poll is not displayed on the news page you must enter the forum to vote and view

Posted by Scott Irving — Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:05 am — Replies 37 — Views 7694

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  Groombridge Log - Completed!

Greeting fellow travelers of the interwebs,

Tiberian has completed his Novelization of the Star Control II story, Groombridge Log.
EDIT: now one part!


Once you read it, and perhaps you have already, head over to the forums to converse about it. Completing a project is a pretty big deal around these parts as many of you know. :mrgreen:


Posted by Scott Irving — Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:58 pm — Replies 27 — Views 11957

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  More News on the new Star Control Game

Howdy Hunams,

You will want to check this out,


Lots of details, including footage of the Nitrous engine that will power the new game,

That's it for now!

Posted by Scott Irving — Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:00 am — Replies 1 — Views 4635

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  Update on the Stardock Star Control Game

Greetings fellow Hunams and Happy New Year!,

Looks like 2014 will shape up to be exciting year for all of us Star Control fans, perhaps the most exciting since UQM was released into the wild?. What does the future have in store for us? Well I'm a bit late posting this with the busy Holiday season we've all no doubt just had, but Brad "Frogboy" from Stardock (their making a new star control game in case you didn't know) Posted an update on the forum on Dec 16, regarding the future of the new Star Control game,


Head over to get involved in the discussion with Brad himself and see what interesting things he has to say.

Cheers for now Hunams,

Posted by Scott Irving — Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:27 am — Replies 0 — Views 3867

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  Good News Everybody!

Yes, that was a reference to a certain animated show you may know, although this is actually good news. I've re-opened the Art section of our "Fan Stuff", it currently lacks any of the original art work that was once hosted on PNF but that will be coming soon I assure you. So for now it's got a few community pages on DA and the like that might interest you.

Have you got art work or a community page you'd like to share with the community?, drop me a line via PM and I'll see that it get's added.

Cheers Hunams,

Posted by Scott Irving — Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:25 am — Replies 6 — Views 9622

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  Groombridge Log part III Released

Greetings Hunams!

Part 3 of Groombridge Log by Tiberian has been released

Check it out at

And for those who missed part I & II

Tiberian has stated after part IV he would like to turn it into a book.. crowdfunding perhaps ;) ;)

Head over to the forums to leave your feedback for the author

Posted by Scott Irving — Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:49 am — Replies 4 — Views 8926

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  Stardock's Star Control Site is Live

Stardock now has a one page site live that looks to be mostly a placeholder for the future home of their Star Control games...



http://starcontrolgame.com/ works as well...

Check it out!

Brad Wardell has also posted on his blog a series of quick posts...

Star Control Status Report: August 2013 - looks to be the quick, quick version of how we got from Star Control 1 to Star Control Classic...



Our story so far...

Long ago, Paul Reiche and Fred Ford developed an amazing game called Star Control that was published by Accolade. They formed Toys for Bob and it was well received.

A couple years later, Toys for Bob made Star Control 2 and it was an instant classic.

When it came time to do a third one, Toys for Bob opted out and Accolade contracted development to a third party to create Star Control 3 which, while not a bad game, was no where near as well received as Star Control 2 was.

Star Control 3 was released in 1996.



Accolade was eventually acquired by Infrogrames which in turn was rebranded as Atari. But no new Star Control game was forthcoming.

This Summer, Atari filed for bankruptcy and Stardock, developer and/or publisher of Galactic Civilizations, Sins of a Solar Empire and Fallen Enchantress acquired Atari's rights to Star Control with the intent to make a new Star Control game.

And that's where we are now.

Links to Star Control classic pages


We're referring to the Star Control games made in the late 80s/early 90s as Star Control classic to help differentiate them from any new Star Control games.

Finally, for all of the imaginative types out there, he is soliciting discussion on new aliens...

New Star Control Alien wishlist

Posted by Frumple — Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:52 pm — Replies 6 — Views 9837

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  Frogboy on Windows Weekly TWiT show - Star Control Mentioned

Frogboy (Brad Wardell) was on the TWiT.tv podcast show called Windows Weekly #323 this past week. Star Control was mentioned about 14 minutes in as they are getting to know his background...


The only tidbit here specifically about Star Control is that he mentions they are hiring for work on the game. I figure it could also be interesting to put a name, voice and face together.

Posted by Frumple — Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:10 am — Replies 0 — Views 8378

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  Questions and Answers with Frogboy about Star Control Reboot

The Star Control "rights" history has been complicated for the past decade or so. To me, the idea of a Star Control reboot is a very intriguing one. I think most old time fans really hope/desire Paul Reiche and Fred Ford are some how involved in the reboot.

I've seen a discussion on the UQM forums, as early as yesterday morning, saying that Paul and Stardock have not yet spoken. However, as you see below, Frogboy now says they have now started conversing. I also want to point you to Anthony's latest StarController.com post about what is going on which includes the Star Control Franchise assets purchase price.

Frogboy (aka Brad Wardell) was generous with his time to answer some of MY burning questions about what I've seen in the news. I personally think a lot of things have happened in less than a week and hopefully things continue down this promising path!...

All quotes are from Frogboy. Everything else in this post is from Frumple.

Start Question and Answers....

At some time in the past, I think the Star Control community came to the understanding that Toys for Bob (Paul) acquired the rights to the aliens, characters, ships, stories etc in Star Control 1 and 2. This was how they were able to "open source" SC2 to the community (The Ur-Quan Masters project). Part of this understanding was the only thing Atari owned is the Star Control name (the trademarks). Thus,

1) What exactly did you purchase? The trademarked name? In other words, can you elaborate on "Star Control Franchise Assets" in the auction?


Atari claims the trademark, "franchise rights" (which I don't know what the legal ramifications of that means) and copyrights over Star Control 3.

MY personal, non-lawyer, view is that the game universe, which includes the aliens, are property of Paul and Fred. Or more to the point, I wouldn't want us to use them without their blessing and in fact I would like to see them get a royalty off any new games that make use of them.

2) Have you spoken to Paul/TFB about the purchase and the reboot at all?


Yep. Atari was able to get us their contact information and we've exchanged emails. Right now, we're all in the brainstorming phase of how to set things up.

3) Do you hope to involve Paul/TFB in the development of the game in any way?


Paul and Fred are actually the ones who have an ownership claim on the "Ur-Quan" universe. Toys for Bob isn't even mentioned in any of the agreements. So our hope is to work with Paul and Fred and anyone else they can or want to bring on board.

4) When I think reboot, several points pop into my head relating to the copyright details owned by Paul/TFB... Can you...

a) Use the overall story plot points from the original games? (Ur-Quan and their Battle Thralls win the war, etc)

b) Use original game established aliens and ship likenesses?

c) If yes to using likenesses, how close? Can they be made to instantly recognizable to fans of original games?


Assuming we get to use the aliens from Star Control 2, I would imagine a reboot taking place at an earlier time - like 2112 with the arrival of the Chenjesu (Star Control 2 takes place in 2155).

The millions of players we want to introduce the game to won't have the ability to load up Star Control 1 without effort and Star Control 2 starts off after the Ur-Quan slave war. So starting them at the first contact point with the Earthlings first going out and meeting all these amazing species for the first time I think would delight old time players who already "know" these aliens and be good way to create a compelling story for the first new game.

5) If Atari is going away, who will be the publisher that "sells" the game on GOG.com? Or, will Stardock sell the original Star Control games?


There is an agreement in place between Atari and Paul right now with GOG. Stardock would take over Atari's role. We wouldn't make any changes though.

Thank you Frogboy! I appreciate both he and Paul disseminating some of the behind the scenes information with the fans.

Posted by Frumple — Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:53 pm — Replies 4 — Views 8907

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  Development to Begin This Fall on New Star Control Game

I think some of the verbage from this official Stardock press release was seen in the post from Joystiq yesterday. However, the quotes yesterday didn't mention starting development in Fall 2013 and "for PC". I see no mention of consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc). This isn't a shock to me as I think almost (all?) games Stardock makes and publishes are PC exclusives. I know a couple of friends that have played the new XCOM and mentioned they could tell it was also a console game.

Stardock acquires Star Control rights from Atari


Stardock acquires Star Control rights from Atari

Article posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Development to Begin This Fall on New Star Control Game for PC

PLYMOUTH, MI – July 23, 2013 – Stardock is pleased to announce that it has secured the rights to the classic PC franchise Star Control with the intent to develop a new Star Control game. Development on the new game will begin this year with a release date to be determined at a later time.

“We expect the new Star Control to come in the form of a reboot, similar to what Firaxis did with the XCOM series last year,” said Brad Wardell, president and CEO of Stardock. "We are looking at Star Control II as a major source of inspiration.”

Entering its 20th year as an independent studio, Stardock remains one of the few development studios solely dedicated to PC gaming. Its critically-acclaimed PC games include the timeless Galactic Civilizations series and the award-winning Real-Time Strategy game (RTS) Sins of a Solar Empire, which has sold more than two million copies worldwide. PC Gamer Magazine recently chose Galactic Civilizations II and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for inclusion in the top 100 PC games of all time.

Star Control maintains a cult following as a beloved PC franchise, with the first title including options for melee or strategy gameplay set in a science fiction universe. The sequel—Star Control II—expanded on the Star Control universe as an adventure game and shooter. Star Control II still holds spots on critics’ lists of the best PC games of all time among both new and seasoned PC gamers.

More information on the new Star Control will be announced as it becomes available.

For more information on Stardock, please visit http://www.stardock.com.

# # #

About Stardock

Stardock is a leading developer and publisher of PC games and desktop software. Its PC games include Sins of a Solar Empire and the critically acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series. Its desktop software includes Start8, Fences, WindowBlinds, ModernMix, and more. Visit http://www.stardock.com.

Posted by Frumple — Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:45 pm — Replies 72 — Views 27919

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