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Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:49 pm
by oldlaptop
As the Chmmr delegate speaks, the second Arilou begins communicating with superiors once more. After a short while, the telepathic voice speaks:

"Chmmr delegate, the Humans would be exempted due to their nearly complete lack of... *smell*. It was necessary for us to extensively... modify them to achieve this. However, it is entirely possible that some unusual species (the Chmmr and Chenjesu especially come to mind) may naturally have a low enough *scent* that the entire crew can remain awake. It is also possible for us to modify individuals of a species, should they wish to have *scentless* skeleton crews for QuasiSpatial travel (should this council decide to allow QuasiSpatial travel)."

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:38 pm
by chenjesuwizard
"You say we have a naturally low *smell*, would it be possiblefor some individuals of our species to be modified to have no *smell*, if quasi-space travel was allowed.
Also, how does sleeping reduce your *smell*? What makes you less *smelly* if you're asleep?"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:16 pm
by oldlaptop
The Arilou Speaker looks directly toward the Chenjesu delegate. Once more the telepathic voice speaks:

"Chenjesu delegate, we have already stated that we can preform... modifications on *smelly* sentients so as to reduce their *smell*.

Your query regarding the suppresion of *smell* by cryogenic stasis is difficult to answer, as it involves many things that you cannot understand fully. We will say, however, that *smell* is... related to psionic activity, and that suspension of psychon interaction in cryogenic stasis... suppresses *smell* significantly. It is impossible to remove *smell* completely via such a method, but it is rendered... unnoticable to any being less than several miles away, unless of course there are a great many emmiters."

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:30 pm
by chenjesuwizard
"Is it possible to completely remove the smell of a species?"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:51 pm
by oldlaptop
The Speaker continues staring at the Chenjesu delegate. Again the telepathic voice is heard:

"In theory it is possible to entirely eradicate *smell*. In practice however, the eradication is far beyond the technological or psionic prowess of any known species, and would necessitate significant... damage to the modified being's sentience. The type of modifications we propose fall short of eradicating *smell*, but also stop short of damage to the being's mental potential."

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:38 pm
by BaVB
(Pkhat)A Yehat, a bit ago, told me that Zelnick once explained to him during a visit he had during the Yehat Civil War, that all the Rainbow Worlds, which are Precursor creation, point towards the center of the galaxy. I think if we go in that direction using the Arilou as a tool with QuasiSpace, then we can find their civilization (or at least the wreckage of it) and they can help us with these many problems, such as the uplifting of New Alliance races and the solving of this smell thing you all are blabbering about.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:14 am
by Maloo Oture
"I now have the results of our planet wide vote on the matter of Quasi-Space travel. Our people have voted against the use of such technologies. Our senate also recommends that the Arilou cease their use of the technology until a method can be found for all races to utilize the technology. The only allowance would be the reach the Arilou home-world."

"I also welcome the Thraddash delegate. I hope our peoples can offer much to each other."

"I have a few comments about the Precursors. Before our... near extinction... we had been working extensively on decoding ancient comm frequencies. We have substantial evidence that they originate from the Precursors."

"I have updates on Home. Our civilization is now 110% active. Our economy is now booming. Our population is growing extensively. All is going well. We have begun our first prototypes of an armed Ark class star-ship. Our first unti should be finished within the hour. We may finally be able to commit further to the galaxy."

Ahnd looks at each delegate, seemingly worried. He sighs deeply and then grows silent.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:18 am
by Nuclear
"Arilou, this *smell* you refer to, the truespace residue that attracts these creatures from Quasi-Space? The repellent crystal is what is able to reduce the *smell* of everything around it, without the mess of potentially harmful genetic tinkering, such as what you have been preforming on the humans. Perhaps we can work together to create a much more advanced crystal that can give the races of the galaxy much needed and safe protection from the *spawn*, among other things.

Greetings Thraddash delegate. I bid you good fortune in your seeking of help, though unfortunately, we have our own problems at the moment, mainly recolonization.

Since the majority has decided that we should not attempt to recolonize Vulpeculae {And we know we shouldn't for our own safety}, we ask instead for help finding habitable planets and colonization materials."

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:04 am
by oldlaptop
As the second Arilou begins to tap vigorously on the Hyperwave once again, the telepathic voice speaks again:

"Androsynthetic delegate, we know exactly what your crude repellent is, and can tell you that it is most ineffective. Not only did we easily detect your passage through our territory, but we have tried such devices ourselves, as we have stated before. They have never worked before, and as a species well-versed in such matters we can state that they will not work again, no matter how much time and energy is wasted in 'perfecting' them."

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Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:26 am
by Guizot
“You are surprised that we survived with access to such wondrous technology?”

Blaharg snorts, clearly this is a point of pride.

“Upon learning that our entire fleet would invariably be destroyed, small secret organizations were formed by those who did not wish to die a meaningless death with our brothers. Many of us took on the guise of ‘Super Duper Top Secret Researchers’ requiring a secluded, highly protected underground area to conduct our pivotal advancements. Others simply were quiet during the construction of their own refuges. You see, we developed technology to disguise our presence from the unaware drafters and the Ilwrath. We even reverse-engineered numerous pieces from our enemies to ensure our stealth…”

Considering this, the Thraddash is forced to remove his hat and wipe his brow in embarrassment.

“I apologize for accusations of sloth toward the council, as the few survivors of my race would have only been discovered with less superficial scanning techniques that the members of this council clearly did not have time for.”

“As for whether or not the Thraddash will cooperate with other species, I can assure you that virtually all Thraddash shall respect the agreements made in any sort of alliance. Foreign affairs are not debated, as political factions have bilaterally agreed on mitigating conflict. Internal structuring is the largest issue, with ‘Culturalists’ arguing in favor of preserving certain Thraddash mentalities and ‘the Extinguished’ promoting the wholesale abandonment of Thraddash setups and instead moving more toward human establishments. Beyond the numerous thrown pies, stomped on toes, and poked eyes on the part of the infamous ‘Zany’ sub-faction, these discussions are incredibly non-violent.”

“I realize this information is a bit of a digression, so I will now return to inter-species affairs. I thank the Chmmr for their prompt promise to give succor. Likewise, I hold no grudge against species who are currently incapable of committing themselves to the extent of the Chmmr, as they have reasonable…well… reasons. I am also sorry to admit the reality that we have little to offer the Burvixese, but we will work to repay any kindness received. On that note, I vote in favor of the Chmmr in regards to the usage of ‘Quasi-space technology’ to repay our debt to them and to support the development of technology that seems truly fruitful.”

After whispering some words of encouragement to himself, Blaharg finally takes a seat.

“Oh yes! And due to more pressing issues, I repeal my request for the seeking out of the Ilwrath. Additionally, the Thraddash request to officially join the New Alliance of Free Stars, and will stray away from the Umgah’s pact for now."

“However, I am still confused as to the nature of this ‘Ultron’ and why the Utwig require it. From my standpoint, the belief that the Utwig should maintain the Delta Helix for the purpose of keeping this artifact functional is SHEER FAVORITISM!... Excuse me again… it’s easy for my emotions to supplant logic…”

“Now who in the world are ‘the Precursors’?”