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Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:59 pm
by BaVB
(Pkhat)If it doesn't do any trouble to you, Arilou, it would be nice if we can incorporate the Arilou Skiff's laser weapons with our Pkunk Swinger starships. It isn't too late, since our first versions haven't been built quite yet. We already have the Terminators and Furies combined, but it's theoretically a bulky, horrible ship that's highly expensive. Adopting some properties of the Arilou Skiff may save this ship from being the horrible ship we predict.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:21 pm
by Maloo Oture
Ahnd looks around the table, then shuts his eyes. He lowers his head and remains silent for a few more moments. He seems to feel a tension in the room. After five more minutes of silence, Ahnd says;

"What is that? Does anyone else feel it?"

He looked directly at the Arilou delegates.

"Do you feel that?"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:00 pm
by chenjesuwizard
"Ahnd, I felt it too. It was the feeling of a great starship enter this dimension. It is horrific.
I have just received word two huge starships have appeared in the centre of Chenjesu space, accompanied by thousands of Vux and Orz ships. They opened fire on our fleet, destroying 85% of all our ships. Then, it destroyed two of our colonies. All of this happened in a thirty second period. Thousands of our people are dead.
The starships are not of this dimension. They are huge, perhaps the size of Jupiter, Sol. They are partly organic and send out strange signals, which we recognise from our limited IDF research before the first war.
They appeared in the centre of our space, through IDF portals. Arilou, do you know anything of this?
Vux, why do you do this?"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:09 pm
by BaVB
(Yehat)The VUX and Orz have done this to you!? That is IT! THE YEHAT RACE OFFICIALLY DECLARE WAR ON THE VUX, AND THE ORZ!

(Pkunk) But Birky Girky must ap-


The Yehat, angry and scaring the Pkunk out of his wits, stood up and left the Council room.

(Pkhat) We also leave to fight against the Orz and VUX.

The Pkhat left, more calmly, behind the Yehat, leaving the Pkunk to represent all three the races.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:49 am
by Dyandod
"I didn't feel... any..."

Ambassador VIK tensed, making an expression that seemed to signify both shock and severe distress. The tension in the air rose quickly, and VIK seemed frozen, his eye staring at the blank wall. He suddenly snapped out of it and began rapidly and vigorously pressing buttons on his console with his tentacles. "I... don't understand. I currently don't have any contact with our leader, but surely..." He paused a moment, still pressing buttons. When he resumed speaking, it was difficult to tell whether he was talking to the Council or to himself. "Yes, we VUX genuinely want them dead, but to attack now?!?! That can't- What is he thinking?! It doesn't make any- It doesn't-" VIK pauses again, then begins muttering, this time definitely to himself.

The other Council member's translating devices begin making "BLEEP" noises, suggesting that VIK has begun using expletives. He is still typing as furiously as ever.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:17 am
by oldlaptop
As soon as the strange psionic tension was felt, the Arilou assumed an appearance of extreme alarm. The second Arilou furiously tapped on the Hyperwave as the explosive dialog in the Council took place, and after a while quietly got up and left the room. The Skiff which brought the Arilou delegation to the Council can be seen taking off in the distance, as the telepathic voice speaks:

"This is a very grave situation. Chenjesu delegate, these large 'ships' you have seen are... *hands* of the Orz, hubs to which many *fingers* are... attached. It has decided to overrun this *time* as it has its own. It is no longer toying with you all, it intends to destroy all who live in TrueSpace. It is critical to the survival of all who inhabit TrueSpace that these *hands* be destroyed immediately, before it... pushes more *fingers* through. We have committed every Skiff to an assault against the Orz in QuasiSpace. Hopefully this will... distract it long enough for you to destroy its invasion force.

We stress the necessity of annihilating its outpost in Vulpeculae, before it pushes more *hands* through its portal there. The Androsynth should not take part in this (or any other) action against the Orz, but they will be able to live there once the portal is safely sealed.

We too are perplexed by the VUX involvement in this incident. We join the Chenjesu in demanding an explanation for this act of war on every inhabitant of TrueSpace."

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:09 am
by Nuclear
"Nothing would make the Androsynth happier then to take the battle against these invading *spawn*, but if the promise of our beloved homeworld is available, then we shall back down from any offensives. However, I should state that our ship, the Guardian, is currently one of the most powerful designs in existence and is highly capable of destruction, no matter how large the target is. To not include them in such a battle would be...a handicap"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:34 am
by oldlaptop
The Arilou Speaker seems... tired. The telepathic voice speaks:

"Androsynth, if you were to... reveal your presence to the Orz, it would devote all the resources it has to destroying TrueSpace, out of frustration with your continued existence. You still have a hope of survival if TrueSpace remains a secondary amusement to it. I am sure, however, that the Alliance would welcome the general availability of Blazer technology in the battle against the Orz."

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:43 am
by Maloo Oture
""Burvix space seems to be calm at the moment. Since our last update we have created a basic fighting fleet of Arc's. We will divert half of them to counter the previous threat of the Ur-Quan. The other half will stand by for further orders about this new threat."

Ahnd recieves a notification on his data pad. When he gets done reading his face is solemn. He looks up with what appears to be shock.

"The Druuge have just claimed our space as their own. We read multiple Maulers en route to our space. We have no choice but to confront them!"

Ahnd opens an audio channel from his head-set and begins to speak to the rest of his people while the rest of the delegates continue in the uproar over recent events.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:47 am
by Alvarin
Finishing the communication session, Fwarrin frowned and addressed the assembly:

As expected, the Safe ones decided to encapsulate in the shield until this new threat is over.
Luckily for us all, they have allowed contingent of thirty ships to leave and join the fight. The ships are not fully crewed,
but the captains are veterans and the critical positions are held by professional and motivated persons.
I was given the command over those ships, even though I lack the strategic training for that. We'll work it out.

Ambassador Ahnd, the shield is capable of withstanding the Druuge attacks, so even if the initial defense fails, your population will be safe. Our technical delegation's ships will be staying to aid you.