The Grand Council Revival

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Re: The Grand Council Revival

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Usually, no. The Pkunk and Yehat would be a potential exception, simply because they are unified under a single leader, and in the event that the Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za would work together, they might qualify as well.
In general, however, you are limited to using one race.
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Re: The Grand Council Revival

Post by glory_device »

Also, could it be possible to just have a recap of the rules/setting and relevant information for newbie?
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Re: The Grand Council Revival

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Well I was thinking orz but ill probably be zoq-fot-pik instead
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Re: The Grand Council Revival

Post by Draxas »

Wow, OK. There has been enough of an outpouring of support for this that I'm just going to skip the signups and open the thread. I'll repost a short rules summary in an accompanying OOC thread. Enjoy, everyone!
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