Really off topic help request

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Really off topic help request

Post by Alvarin »

Greetings all!
An Internet friend of mine is searching for a specific bedding print, found on an old photo.
It is too bad of quality for image search, so I have spent over dozen hours past month trying to brute force search it via various keywords, not surprising without success.
Most realistic option, I think, is to just spread the net widely and hope someone might have this bedding and can share better quality photo or, better yet, have an intact tag on it to hope for source...
Help, Internet!
Looking for this specific fabric/pillowcase. Picture is from the 90s. Teddy bear in red shirt. Not Pooh. Writing may say "The Big Bear." Any idea how to find this needle in a haystack of teddy bear prints? Photo isn't sharp enough for Google Image search.

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Re: Really off topic help request

Post by krulle »

Yeah, I couldn't help Paul either.

I hope someone can.

Next time I'm in the cellar of my mother-in-law I'll crawl through her fabric collections. She has an astonishing stock to make pillow and other bed stuff herself.And soem of that stuff is there since the fourties. This looks image wise like 50's or 70's.... (but then early 80's had something like this too, and it's generally child related, so it could be frome arlier or later, but that's where I'll look first.)
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