Browsers and addons

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Browsers and addons

Post by Lukipela »

A thread over at UQM got me pondering this. Do you folks use a lot of addons for your web browsers? What browsers do you use?

Aroundthe time I noticed browsers as a thing I was using Netscape. Before that I think we used to use Mosaic. I used Netscape for long after it failed because it had tabs, and then eventually switched over to FireFox. In the beginning I used a lot of addons, but as time passes, i use them less and less. I don't need the weather from my browser. Since I'm not involved in the site any more. I don't need firebug. I long ago tired of downloading things from youtube so flv extractors are a thing of the past. I tried the RSS addons but they weren't that interesting.

I do use the language packs for several languages still. But are there other worlds I'm missing? What browsers and addons do you use?
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by Dragon »

Just browsing the Web I use Firefox and/or Chrome. Generally Firefox but their icons are next to each-other so whichever I happen to hit. For development I use IE 7 and up (silly clients).

I've no addons for Chrome and only 3 for FireFox.
  • Adblock Plus
  • DownThemAll (download manager)
  • RESTClient (again for dev)
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by Alvarin »

I use Firefox and have Chatzilla, AdblockPlus and little script that opens new tab to my home page rather than empty tab.
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by oldlaptop »

I've been using Seamonkey (basically a continuation of the old Mozilla Suite, much like Firefox in terms of rendering capabilities) for several years now. It has the addon capabilities of Firefox/Thunderbird, but not quite as massive of a catalog. I use NoScript and AdBlockPlus routinely (and TheRealURL somewhat less routinely), and this excellent theme (which unfortunately is no longer developed for Firefox/Thunderbird). I also have NoRedirect installed to stop my ISP's 'helpful' search/ad page from displaying on DNS errors. A lot of what I used to do with Firefox addons (SimpleMail and Chatzilla come to mind) is handled better by Seamonkey's excellent mail/news/RSS client.
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by Draxas »

Huh, I thought I was the only one who switched directly from Netscape to Firefox, guess I'm not alone. Anyway, I use Firefox at home, but never felt the need to use any addons at all. I'm forced to use IE at work, which is whatever (and how I can confirm I still hate it), but I guess their network security here at work is way better than anything I have at home so they can afford to tempt fate.
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by chenjesuwizard »

I use Chrome and I have:
Adblock - Blocks Ads
Chrome Toolbox - Gives a lot of extra tools for Chrome
DivX Plus Web Player HTML 5 - Not actually sure why I downloaded this
Speedbit Video Downloader - Increases Download Speeds
Website Blocker (Beta) - Blocks certain websites (like Facebook) for when I'm doing work. So I don't procrastinate.
Window Close Protector - Tells me when closing multiple tabs
WOT - For Ratings of Safety of Websites
Youtube mp3 - A Youtube Video to Sound Converter.
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by Angelfish »

i'm using chrome without any addons :)
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by Megagun »

I use Chrome, but have most common browsers installed to be able to test random Web Development stuff. The extensions I install are mostly geared towards web development stuff, as well.

That said, on Chrome I have AdBlock, Prevent Duplicate Tabs, Lazarus: Form Recovery (very useful on laptops!) and ModHeader installed, as well as a few webdevelopment Chrome apps that allow me to fiddle with XHR requests. On Firefox, I have Adblock, NoScript and Firebug installed.
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by Zeracles »

I read research journals through any university computer and to get this when working from home I ssh to the computer in my office. When working this way it's handy to have a minimal interface that runs within the terminal so for this I use lynx, a text-based browser. I do this to access restricted uni pages as well.
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Re: Browsers and addons

Post by Eth »

When I first started using Chrome I added something that made it so whenever I rolled over a Magic card name an image of the card would pop up, but I got annoyed with that and disabled it.
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