Ghost of the Precursors: A speculation and wish-list thread

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Ghost of the Precursors: A speculation and wish-list thread

Post by Maloo Oture » Wed May 20, 2020 10:16 pm

Hey everyone, it's been sort of quiet around here. You know, like it usually is. But knowing that Ghost of the Precursors will be coming out at some point in the distant future I thought it would give us a fun opportunity to discuss and speculate on what sorts of adventures and stories we might stumble upon. I think it's also fun to talk about the things we would love to see improved or changed from Star Control 2 and what things we want to see kept the same or expanded on.

Personally, I would love to see more about the Orz. But not in a way that makes me feel like I get them. I want to be drawn into a whole long adventure involving them and come out of it not knowing any better if I did something good or bad simply because the nature of the Orz. I assume the Arilou would be involved. Perhaps the Arilou have begin to lose the so called "battle" between themselves and the Orz? That would make for some interesting gameplay.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: Ghost of the Precursors: A speculation and wish-list thread

Post by Draxas » Thu May 21, 2020 5:13 pm

One of the things I love about SC2 is that it doesn't feel the need to explain away every mystery and detail, and a lot is left open to individual interpretation even once you've seen everything and the credits have rolled. I want the same thing from GotP: Address plenty of hanging threads from the earlier games, but leave some mysteries and vague details unexplained so that we can still find new angles to discuss about them 25 years later. ;)-smf

Of course, specifics:
- Like everyone else, I am dying to know the story behind the Mark II that gets teased in the final seconds of SC2.
- The Orz, of course, are entirely inscrutable and should remain so, no matter how heavily (or not!) their story gets detailed in GotP. I have always hated the idea that the Orz are tropeish omnicidal maniacs or eldritch abominations and exist solely to devour the universe or somesuch; I want their story to much more complex and nuanced than that. I always loved that SC2 teased these sort of ideas while making them some of the friendliest and easy to get along with allies in the game (barring that whole Androsynth line of questioning, anyway), and I hated that SC3 turned that around and made them super obvious villains right out of the gate. At no point do I feel we should ever get the sense that we "get" the Orz.
- SC2's ending really glosses over the final defeat of the Ur-Quan. I really want GotP to address what actually happened and how the Quans are supposed to integrate (or not!) into galactic society. Considering they've been the big bads for two games now, they deserve to go out with more than a whimper.
- I do not ever, ever, ever want to meet an actual member of the Black Spathi Squadron. I love them as a hilariously out-of-character Spathi legend. There is no possible way for an actual BSS to live up to that hype, and I would prefer if they didn't actually exist outside of the stories.
- Regardless of the direction the story takes, I want all legacy ships from both SC1 and 2 to be available to fly in Melee mode just as SC2 did with the SC1 ships. I felt like that was a huge and easily rectified mistake made by SC3, but then again, the new ship design was so haphazard and mostly poor in that game that having more legacy ships probably would have highlighted that even more.

Just a few things off the top of my head. I'm sure I can come up with more!

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