About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by The Troglodyte » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:32 pm

(“Ok, the feed’s up and running, but I don’t know how long it will last.”)

(“Turn it up! I can’t hear a thing!”)

(“Ok, you should hear it now.”)

Commander Hayes (a human) – “**** **** ***** ***including the Vindicator bridge crew and captains from the fleet. Thank you everyone for making it to this mission briefing, and I appreciate that at least most of you made it on time.”

Captain Fwiffo (a Spathi) – “Sorry Commander! The sudden switch of gravity from the StarRunner to the Starbase always makes me a little queasy!”

Captain Tok (a Pik) – “Nyark! Nyark! Nyark!”

Captain Tik (a Zoq) – “Quiet you fool!”

Captain Tok – “Sorry!”

Commander Hayes – “Okay, let’s settle down people. Captain Zelnick, would you like to start us off with an account of your latest mission? You had told me before you left last time that you had intended to get past the Ilwrath stationed at the Chenjesu homeworld. I gather you did so and also somehow freed this new hybrid race, who call themselves the Chmmr?”

Captain Zelnick (a human) – “Well, I can’t take all the credit. The Chmmr evolved themselves with a little help from us, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I knew that the Umgah had already used the HyperWave Broadcaster to fool the Ilwrath into tricking them to attack the Pkunk, so maybe we could use it to lure them away from Procyon II.”

Commander Hayes – “So that’s what you did then? You used the ’Caster to send the Ilwrath on their merry way?”

Captain Zelnick – “No, not exactly… the Ilwrath were still surrounding the planet with their huge fleet and made no response when we activated the ’Caster.”

Commander Hayes – “I see.”

Captain Zelnick – “We then wanted to track down other Ilwraths and try again, so we set a course for the nearby Volans Cluster and entered the Epsilon Volantis System.”

Commander Hayes – “Oh, and so you had better luck there?”

Captain Zelnick – “Well, no… The Ilwrath posted there fell for our rouse completely, yes, but they felt they were unworthy to be hearing directly from their gods, so they urged us to travel to their homeworld and speak with their leaders.”

Commander Hayes – “So did you travel to deep in the heart of Ilwrath territory in Alpha Tauri?”

Captain Zelnick – “Alpha Tauri is their home star, but we didn’t have to fight our way through droves of Avengers, for it actually lies on the periphery of their sphere of influence, due to their relocation to hunt down the Pkunk.”

Commander Hayes – “And that’s when you tricked the Ilwrath to depart from Procyon II?”

Captain Zelnick – “Well yes AND no… mostly no.”

Commander Hayes – “What do you mean?”

Captain Zelnick – “The Ilwrath leaders were attentively listening to our every word, believing that they were hearing directly from Dogar and Kazon. We had a limited number of response options, so besides messing with their speech patterns for a brief moment, we um, suggested… well, actually commanded that they, uh… that they leave their region and find new prey to kill.”

Commander Hayes – “Oh. So, who did you send them after?”

Captain Zelnick – “Um… er, they actually decided for themselves to seek out and slaughter the Thraddash.”

Commander Hayes – “What? Who are these Thraddash?”

Science Officer (a human) – “Our dossier on the Thraddash species is significantly limited, so we don’t have much to go on, but from what we’ve learned from other races, mainly the Melnorme and Spathi, is that they have a reputation for being arrogant, stubborn, and obnoxious, and they don’t really respond to much of anything other than force as a show of strength, the proof of which is demonstrated by killing lots of them in battle; the only way apparently to gain their respect.”

Tactical Officer (a human) – “We also learned from the Spathi that the Thraddash are considered part of the Hierarchy. Surprisingly, they also regarded them as weak.”

1st Officer (a human) - “And that’s saying something, coming from a spineless Spathi.

Captain Fwiffo – “Hey! Just because a species doesn’t have a ridge-crest, I mean… what was the word?… Oh yeah!… just because we don’t have BACKBONES isn’t a prerequisite for cowardice.”

Chief Medical Officer (a human) – “If the shell fits.”

Captain Fwiffo – “Okay, I will admit it is a bit of a coincidental parallel.”

Captain *Dancer* (an Orz) - “*Frumple* clam!”

Captain Fwiffo - “Frumple fish!”

Commander Hayes – “Okay, okay, so back to the Ilwrath, they’ve been sent to attack the Thraddash. Where do they reside?”

Science Officer – “In the upspin region, above Umgah territory in the Apus and Draco constellations. The Melnorme claim their homeworld is located in the Delta Draconis System.”

Commander Hayes – “How long will it take them to get there?”

Science Officer – “Uncertain. They’ve only just begun their journey and their sphere of influence has barely moved, due to the slow speed of their Avenger-class warships. I’d estimate it will take somewhere between six to twelve months; probably closer to around nine, give or take a month.”

Captain Tinkafoo (an Arilou) - “Or perhaps less.”

Commander Hayes – “Hmmm… So I guess that means that the Ilwrath at Procyon II also joined the massive Ilwrath movement.”

Captain Zelnick – “Indeed, although it was unbeknownst to us while we continued in Alpha Tauri.”

Commander Hayes – “You mean you didn’t leave right away for Procyon?”

Captain Zelnick – “No, not immediately. I still wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything else we could learn, so we even travelled to the Ilwrath homeworld.”

Commander Hayes – “You’re braver than me.”

Captain Zelnick – “Bravery is a subjective term with a time machine at easy reach. We reached the homeworld and were of course confronted by their home guard fleet. Before I had to use the time portal to remove us from an unwinnable situation, we witnessed a birthing ceremony.”

Commander Hayes – “Sounds intriguing.”

Captain Tinkafoo - “It was, shall we say, informative.”

Captain Zelnick – “Rest assured, it’s not for the feint of heart. We also tried to fight past the hordes of Avengers, which turned out to be pointless as expected, so we headed back for Procyon.”

Commander Hayes – “And?”

Captain Zelnick – “Well, like I said, the Ilwrath were gone, so we entered orbit and activated the Sun Device that we stole from the Mycon. The immense light and flood of radiant energy greatly accelerated the Chenjesu’s and Mmrnmhrm’s metamorsh—excuse me, metamorphosis. Boy! That’s a mouthful! Incidentally, somehow the transformation also freed them from the slave shield.”

Science Officer – “Our sensor analysis shows that the Chmmr experienced technological advancement in leaps and bounds and were likely responsible for the dismantlement of the slave shield, which makes sense, considering in their separate forms they already had the ability to pass through the slave shield from the outside to within, as stated in our report from the Chenjesu orbital platform.”

Commander Hayes – “Perhaps they can use their technology to remove other slave shields as well.”

1st Officer – “Perhaps. But it’s probably a different task altogether removing from inside as opposed to outside. They’ll undoubtedly need time to study the schematics.”


Commander Hayes – “So does that cover the remainder of the mission?”

Captain Zelnick – “Pretty much. The Chmmr scanned our databanks and told us we still need to track down and locate the Sa-Matra, find a bomb powerful enough to blow it to smithereens, and find a way to distract it while we do so. We also met other Ilwrath on our way back home, and upon using the ’Caster, they began hacking their limbs off as appeasement to their gods for not killing the Thraddash yet. So yeah, that just about covers the rest of it. I’d like to also add for the record that I am considering undoing the entire sequence with the time portal.”

Commander Hayes – “Are you sure that’s wise?”

Captain Zelnick – “No, which is why I haven’t done it yet. I think there’s still things we can do and learn before the Ilwrath carry out their gods’ will, and then we can assess the situation and make a determination depending on what happens when the Ilwrath arrive in Draconis.”

Commander Hayes – “So what does all that mean?”

Captain Zelnick – “Let me put it this way: I will not take part in the total annihilation of an entire species! I don’t care if the Thraddash are part of the Ur-Quan Hierarchy, so we will learn what we can and perhaps even warn the Thraddash about the upcoming invasion, but if we’re unable to rectify the situation to my satisfaction, I will place myself and the timeline to back before we ever impersonated the Ilwrath’s gods and unwittingly sent them to begin with!”

Commander Hayes – “So I take it going to Draconis is one of your top priorities?”

Captain Zelnick – “We shall see… Since it will take some time for the Ilwrath to travel, we still have time to explore other avenues, which brings us to our next topic: The Shofixti.”

Captain Kudzu (a Shofixti) – “Finarry. I was wondereen when we were goeen to tark about my most honoraber of spee-see.”

Commander Hayes – “Uh, what’s with the accent?”

Captain Kudzu – “What accent? What are yoo tarkeen about? Is the universar transrator not workeen correctry?”

1st Officer – “It’s that damn Precursor technology.”

Commander Hayes – “What?”

Communications Officer (a human) – “Perhaps I can explain, sir. I’ve already spoken with the ship’s historian on the matter, and we’ve determined that the Precursor computer analyzes any new race, culture and language it comes in contact with, just like it did on Unzervalt to us when it was first activated, and as you may recall, we later tied in the Vindicator’s computer to the Starbase’s main computer. Then, it identified us as the primary source user, so whenever we’ve encountered a new alien species, it conducts the same analysis, you see, but then cross-references it with the content of what’s being said and correlates within our history and culture to give us a better frame of reference. That’s why the Ilwrath sound so scary and the Pkunk sound so out of touch with reality.”

Helmsman Screech (a Pkunk) – “Huh? Did somebody call on me? What did I do?”

Captain Zelnick – “Never mind, Screech. Please continue, Lieutenant.”

Communications Officer – “The Precursor computer must’ve scanned our history logs and determined the closest association between ourselves and the Shofixti was comparing them with the Japanese kamikaze bombers of World War II.”

Commander Hayes – “Because they performed similar battle tactics by conducting suicide runs.”

Communications Officer – “Exactly.”

Science Officer – “This would also explain the Yehat’s Scottish-sounding accent. The Ur-Quan, to some extent, are to the Yehat like the British were to the Scots, depending on which particular time period we’re talking about. In fact, if we’re comparing the Yehat’s starship clans to the Jacobite clans of the Highlands, it would be more of an appropriate analogical approximation to say that—”

Captain Zelnick – “Thank you, Commander. In short, it’s pretty clear the Precursor computer has no qualms with stereotypes.”

Commander Hayes – “Evidently.”

Captain Zelnick – “Well, although **** crazy piece of **** Precursor technology can at times **** ***** and a bit perplexing **** we can also ***** ******”
(“Damn! I’ve lost the feed.”)

(“Re-establish the link!”)

(“I’m trying! Keep your shorts on, it’s coming back on-line, I just have to wait for the re-initialization sequence… Ah-ha! There! It's back on.”)

(“Perfect! I just hope we didn't miss anything important!”)
Captain Zelnick – “So there you have it. We returned to find the place crawling with tons and tons of Shofixti! And it looks like you’ve at least had a little bit of time to make adjustments.”

Commander Hayes – “Well, they arrived shortly after your departure, and fortunately for us, they don’t mind if sometimes their quarters are a little cramped.”

1st Officer – “That’s an understatement if ever there were one! I checked the station’s crew manifest listing, and there are many cabins with over twenty Shofixti assigned to them!”

Commander Hayes – “Like I said Commander, they don’t seem to mind. So, Captain, you seem intent on taking one of their newly furbished Scouts with you to back to Serpentis.”

Captain Zelnick – “Yes! With a Shofixti on hand, showing proof of the rebirth of the Shofixti race, our hope is to turn the Yehat against the Ur-Quan and join us in the fight. Don’t you agree?”

Commander Hayes – “Of course. But be careful, Captain. I remember reading in your report about the last time you were there, they were chasing you all the way into VUX space!”

Captain Zelnick – “They won’t attack us with our little furry friends at our side. I just know it! From there we may even stop by Betelgeuse to see if their ambush fleet was a success, and let me tell you, one look at that Mycon’s diminished sphere of influence limping back home is a clear indicator that they were indeed successful.”

Commander Hayes – “I’m sure Commander Talana will be pleased.”

Captain Zelnick – “I’m counting on it! If everything works out, not only will we be manufacturing Terminators, but Penetrator vessels as well! Unfortunately, it isn’t going to get easier from there. We still need to locate the Sa-Matra.”

Commander Hayes – “Great! Piece o’ cake, huh?”

Captain Zelnick – “Hmph! Easy for you to say! But seriously, we’ll be heading right into a hornet’s nest, that’s for sure. Plus, we have the Portal Spawner. Our only other edge is we at least have some idea where to start since the Melnorme, and I suppose to a lesser degree the Pkunk, told us that the Ur-Quan’s trophy ship is being kept somewhere in the Crateris Belt.”

Captain *Dancer* - “Cake is only half the *story*. It is not *slippery* too much! Hornets do not *spread the wax*. We will find *happy pieces* *inside* Crater -- your *silly* names!”

Commander Hayes – “It’ll be all right there Prancer. Be sure to take some Avatars with you!”

Captain *Dancer* - “There is no *prancing*! It is *Dancer* because my *fingers* will be *dancing*! Not with the *prancing*!”

Captain Zelnick – “He’ll settle down in a minute. Maybe.”


Captain Zelnick – “Oh, we know… and we will, and we’ll probably need a few flying alongside for when we venture out to Thraddash territory too, and if all works out, we’ll be able to do the entire list of mission objectives before the Ilwrath beat us out there so we can warn the Thraddash before tis too late! Besides, if **** ***** then there could be *** ***** **** before we ***** **** ***”
(“Link severed.”)

(“Get them back!”)

(“The control nodes have decayed. It’s no use. It’s gone. We were lucky to have it working for as long as we did.”)

(“Yeah, oh well. We’d better report back.”)
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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by Death 999 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:34 pm

Who's doing that spying?

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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by The Troglodyte » Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:34 pm

Death 999 wrote: Who's doing that spying?
We may never know! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-hahhh! Bwa-h—

Captain’s Log - Dec 3, 2157 – Starbase – Status: Docked

We are almost ready to depart from Starbase and continue with our mission, and we’ve picked up a few objectives along with the way that will hopefully contribute to achieving our ultimate goal: To free Earth and overthrow the Ur-Quan overlords!

We shall begin by travelling back to Yehat space, but this time we’ll have a Shofixti Scout, the newly commissioned H.M.S. Yamato, flying beside us. We’ll see if they can continue to face their Ur-Quan-aligned shameful misdeeds of choosing to be sympathizers of the bad guys once they see a living Shofixti for themselves!

Speaking of new ships in our fleet, we’ve had to make some tough choices in our fleet. The good news is that we’ve added 7 bright, shiny new Avatars! These babies have proven themselves, at least in the simulation rooms, so we’ll see if they can earn their worth in actual real battle, especially once we head into Ur-Quan space, so we’re definitely bringing lots of these guys with us to increase our chances for success.

At first, I gave the selected Chmmr captains permission to name their own vessels, but they seemed to quibble amongst themselves over the who gets the first naming rights, since they all wanted to name their ship the same thing. I thought this would be easy to settle, so my chief engineer rigged up a quick turn carriage and placed each of their names on a ball, and we selected the order using this lottery system.

But then the names that were chosen was presented and I started looking through pending ships’ names: TAAFEITE, GRANDIDIERITE, SERENDIBITE, ALEXANDRITE, MUSGRAVITE and BENITOITE… Ok, so some of these are a bit tough to pronounce (and remember) so I informed the Chmmr that we usually like to simplify things a little so it’s easy to distinguish the call signs during an emergency, like coordinating against attacking Dreadnoughts and stuff, and we also don’t like capitalizing everything.

I also realized that the Chmmr seem to like gemstones, so I suggested that they use some more easily discernable names, so I pointed at each captain individually and gave their respective ships different names, going down the row, so the new fleet will include the H.M.S. Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Quartz and Topaz.

Of course, this meant we had to let some other ships go including 2 of our 3 Skiffs, the Hockey Puck and Country Biscuit, one of the Spathi ships, the StarGazer, both Fury “Bgaks”, 1 Orz Fishbowl (#2), the Tobermoon and the ZFP Stinger Hornet.

So, our new fleet, including the aforementioned 7 Avatars, will still have one Arilou Skiff, the Discus, one Orz vessel, Fishbowl # 1, the Shofixti Scout Yamato, and Fwiffo’s StarRunner, which will leave us with one empty slot, just in case.



The map also shows the Mycon getting closer to returning back to their region of space, which due to their reduced sphere of influence is now much smaller and you can see the Ilwrath starting to depart from their region of space heading towards Draconis, which hasn’t moved a bunch, but they no longer overlap Pkunk space. I’d bet the Pkunk are all happy about it though. Maybe with the Ilwrath menace leaving they’ll be more content to stay nestled within their home stars instead of trying to reunite with their Yehat brethren.

Speaking of Yehat, we shall set course for Iota Serpentis. We can start there and seek out some nearby Yehat and see what happens when we present them with the Shofixti. Captain out.
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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by palmpet » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:09 am

Captain *Dancer* (an Orz) - “*Frumple* clam!”

Captain Fwiffo - “Frumple fish!”
"What's the point in being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes."

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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by The Troglodyte » Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:40 pm

Captain’s Log – Dec 17, 2157 – Iota Serpentis - Status: Green

We have traveled for the past two weeks and have just entered the Iota Serpentis System, although our stay will likely be very brief, since there are no Yehat ships on sensors.

Three days ago, I ordered for all science stations to be on the lookout in case a blip showed up on long-range sensors as we approached Yehat space. A bogey did appear less than a few hours ago from the direction of Capella, but we had unfortunately already begun system entry and were unable to withdraw in time. So, we will reverse course and return to HyperSpace, where we’ll resume our search and hopefully the unidentified presumed Yehat is still out there waiting for us!

We will set course towards the direction of Capella. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log - Dec 19, 2157 – HyperSpace {457.9 : 031.1} – (Between Iota Serpentis and Capella) - Red Alert

We approached the small contingent of Yehat Terminators with caution; we’ve found that half the times they’re sympathetic to our cause, and the other they’re reluctant to attack but still resolve to do so out of loyalty to their queen, depending on which clan members we happen upon while moving through their space.

We brought them up on the viewer, and I got right to the point, revealing that the Shofixti have indeed been reborn. They of course retorted that they required proof to believe our claim, and our sensors detected them charging up their Pulse Cannons in case we were attempting to deceive them.

I agreed, and we signaled Captain Kudzu to take his ship and separate from our fleet and dock with their lead vessel and meet their Yehat commander face-to-face in the airlock.

As the Yamato moved towards the line of Terminators, their captain identified the ship as a Shofixti Scout, but warned us that they are aware of the power of a Glory Device weapon, and that there would be hell to pay if this was a rouse on our part.

The Yehat continued to stay in communications with us as the Scout docked, and their leader waited with bated breath as the door opened and sure enough, a proud, young Shofixti stood there as the Yehat’s long, jagged-tooth-filled jaw dropped in astonishment.

He was overcome with emotion, not fully understanding how the Shofixti were alive, nor did he really seem to care -- the important thing was they were back, and his excitement was displayed as he looked over his former companions and allies while speaking fondly about them in this surreal moment.

His mood quickly changed from joy to grief and then anger as the fondness and reflection of the halcyon days of pterodactyls and marsupials flying talon and claw with each other through space turned into the sudden realization that they had plunged their honor into depths of despair by aligning themselves with the Ur-Quan.

In previous encounters with the Yehat, it never took much for me to force the Yehat to face their shame through simple words of truth, and this speech of mine would reduce many a proud Yehat warrior into sobs and tears, but never enough to tear them away from their bound duty and loyalty to the throne.

However, seeing a living Shofixti now for themselves was just too much for them to handle, and the Yehat captain worked himself into a tizzy, proclaiming that they would no longer live the lie that they’ve been forced to perpetuate, and that not even the two-thousand reign of the Veep-Neep Yehat Queen was going to withstand this revelation, and they would remove her from power for turning her back on the Shofixti; a fact they were before now unwilling to admit. It looks as if things are about to change in Yehat land!


The Terminators departed, probably to alert other Starship Clans in the vicinity about what has transpired, and likely to recruit some of those folks to join them in their cause, and we checked the starmap, which has now been split into two, displaying the different opposing Yehat forces. Oh dear, I may have just unleashed civil war on the Yehat, but perhaps it will hopefully all be for the better.

We’ve returned back to HyperSpace and it looks like there’s another Yehat bubble heading this way. How fortuitous! It’s probably more Yehat from the Starship Clans to talk with us more about the revolution! (and hopefully give us a Terminator of our own!)

“Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!” – William Wallace, Braveheart

We will lay in an intercept course. Stand down from Red Alert. Captain out.
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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by krulle » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:27 am

And so.... it begins.

You naughty boy. meddling with internal affairs of independent nations.
How dare you!

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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by Draxas » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:18 pm

The Troglodyte wrote:Oh dear, I may have just unleashed civil war on the Yehat, but perhaps it will hopefully all be for the better.
Better for whom, I wonder? Though I suppose at the end of the day, you can always say "Not the Ur-Quan" and call it a positive.

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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by The Troglodyte » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:22 pm

krulle wrote:And so.... it begins.
Draxas wrote:Better for whom, I wonder?
Yes, I’ve obviously triggered another important event, but there’s not much to indicate what shall transpire and what needs to happen on my part or how much time will pass before another event flag is triggered.

As we all know by now, my usual tactic would be to conduct experiments to determine the results by parking my happy ass right outside a star system in cryogenic stasis and check up on the starmap every month and see what happens as time goes on (which by the way would be much easier now with the absence of probes).

However, since there has been some resistance along those line, I have refrained from my usual practices, which is why I continued forward without tracking the Ilwrath’s flight path to Draconis in the same manner.

But my effort at a compromising resolution has left me in a bit of a quandary, since it has become necessary to juggle the various scenarios and keep track of them intently in my save game files, just in case in the event it becomes unnecessary to undo my actions.

This Yehat revolution I’ve just entered is also going to be one of those pivotal save points, and I’ll continue here in Serpentis for more study, but I’ll proceed with the event having occurred and will continue to monitor the situation as best as I can, and the remainder of the mission will be conducted in a similar fashion.

I just wanted to keep everyone apprised of how I’m addressing these situations as I discover them. Any thoughts?
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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by krulle » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:23 pm

Difficult to give my thoughts since I know the next event flag for the Yehat Revolution storyline.

But good of you to not sit around. Wouldn't help you, and the original game also doesn't want players to sit out single storylines, but juggle the events.
Which means flying back and forth.
And, if IIRC, you already have the main ingredient to do so successfully.

We can provide you with a minor spoile about the Yehat outcome, or the time the revolution will take (until successful/countered), but you won't need it.

Even minor:
while you cannot effectively influence the outcome (triggered not by you fighting for either side), you may be able to receive help from a friendly side, just like the Pkunk are willing to help, while not officially joining your alliance.

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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by Draxas » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:08 am

krulle wrote:But good of you to not sit around. Wouldn't help you, and the original game also doesn't want players to sit out single storylines, but juggle the events.
This, as always, is very true. It's also fair to say that some things (like, say, the overthrow of a regime that has been in power for millennia) are bigger than one human captain and his starship, no matter how remarkable said human and his starship might be.

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