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Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:59 pm
by krulle
And the activated PDL, especially with Hunam captains flying close to the screen border, often also depletes the battery because some haphazard piece of rock got too close and triggered the PDL....

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:48 pm
by Draxas
The Troglodyte wrote:I’ve also wondered, why doesn’t the Ur-Quan launch a few fighters regardless? I know if I were in their shoes I would; detection of the PDL shouldn’t nullify fighters usefulness altogether. It at least gives my enemy something else to contend with, no matter how futile. Besides, it’s still a drain on power to activate the PDL, and if you’re lucky, you might catch them slipping and get in a few cheap shots if you release a few here and there as you look for an opening. I’ve used this strategy rather effectively against cruisers during my old SC1 days, who get put in the position of wasting energy against a couple of fighters (and further waste if the fighters have enough separation from each other that a premature activation of the PDL only takes out one) versus saving energy to launch a missile while your Dreadnought can come barreling in from the opposite side, although I’ll admit it is much easier to overtake a cruiser than a fully-equipped vindicator.
As always, take the I in SC2's AI with the whole shaker of salt. Tactics like these are way too sophisticated for its meager abilities.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:38 pm
by The Troglodyte
Captain’s Log – Apr 25, 2158 – Gamma Crateris – Yellow Alert

We had no trouble arriving in this new, unexplored system. Sure, on our way out of Theta Crateris we had to let a few Ur-Quan know (right before sending them into the caterpillar afterlife) that we didn’t really care if they thought we were infringing upon their Doctrinal War, and yes, we are certainly aware of the paramount importance it is that the Kohr-Ah must be prevented from winning at all costs, since it would mean the extermination of all life in this region –- not that living under red glowing planet-sized spherical shields can be compared with a trip to Disney World or anything!

We also detected more ships on our short journey here, so it would appear that the various forces are all converging on our position, which will make the prospect of making it to the next system (if needed) a dangerous task, although if it becomes necessary we can use the time portal to go back to when we first passed through the Q-space wormhole to get here.

Gamma Crateris is a white dwarf star with 9 planets:

Planet 1 – (Unknown – obscured from sensors) – (super hot zone)
Planet 2 – Small Orange (green zone) (2 Kohr-Ah)
Planet 3 – Cyan Gas Giant (cool zone begins)
Planet 4 – Small Violet (1 Kohr-Ah)
Planet 5 – White Gas Giant (1 Kohr-Ah)
Planet 6 – Medium Cyan (3 Kohr-Ah)
Planet 7 – Small Green
Planet 8 – Small White
Planet 9 – Medium Cyan (1 Kohr-Ah)


Man, talk about yikes! Yikes indeed! I have informed my brave crew and the rest of the fleet of our mission here and our intentions… intentions and objectives that will not be swayed, even by an entire fleet of Marauders!

If we have to we shall fight off every last one of them within this system, paving our way over the remains of every single squishy worm in this system as we search every world with a fine-tooth comb, overturning every rock, making sure the Sa-Matra isn’t hiding under one of them!

“I am the punishment of God… if you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.” ― Genghis Khan

We will begin with the planets unoccupied by the Kohr-Ah to delay detection as long as possible. We have added a planetary exploration path: 8-7-1-3. We will start with those four planets but we’ll deviate whenever necessary as the Kohr-Ah’s movements change, and we’ll have to play the rest by ear as we go along. Captain out.
Captain’s Log – Apr 26, 2158 – Gamma Crateris VIII

We have entered orbit of a Selenic World with class 3 tectonics and 3 base metals and 1 Sa-Matra. Well, everything except that last part!

We will set course for the 7th planet. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log – Apr 27, 2158 – Gamma Crateris VII – Red Alert: General Quarters

Well, the gig is up. The Kohr-Ah have detected us, and all of their ships are rapidly converging on our position.

Fortunately, we kited them around and made it to the planet without a skirmish, but unfortunately, the planet is only an Acid World with class 3 tectonics and 12 common minerals.

There’s no point in sticking with the exploration plan and setting course for the 1st planet, so after I’ve place a time portal, we’ll attempt to re-enter system-sensor range to judge the relative position of the Marauders in the area and determine which planet we should head to next. I just hope we’re not fighting the whole way there. Captain out.
Captain’s Log – Apr 29, 2158 – Gamma Crateris (Near Planet 5) – Red Alert

We tried to leave the vicinity, but there were still plenty of Marauders waiting beyond the planet like snakes in the grass… and then they attacked us! We brought in the Vindicator, and I felt confident in doing so after the most recent victories over our Ur-Quan foes, but the five Kohr-Ah vessels were much tougher than their Quan counterparts, and by the end of it all, we emerged victorious, but my ship had taken severe damage to the outer hull plating and several systems were malfunctioning, not to mention the tremendous loss of life.

We attempted to leave the area and transfer personnel from the Avatars, but our close proximity to the planet we had just left brought us back into planetary sensor range, where more and more Kohr-Ah kept flooding in; at which time I concluded it was going to mean more damage and more casualties, so I activated the time portal for when we were back in orbit of the Acid World.

This second time around, I decided to glide the flagship and fleet along the outer edge of the planet’s perimeter until all of the Kohr-Ah were visible on our short-range sensors. Then, after some more skirting, they were all clumped together and we made our move and successfully made it without having to battle our way through, and we’re now in range of the 5th planet, a gas giant with 2 moons.

We will set course for the 2nd moon. Zelnick out.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 2:44 pm
by The Troglodyte
Captain’s Log – Apr 30, 2158 – Gamma Crateris I-b – Red Alert

The plan has worked so far. We escaped from the planet with the Kohr-Ah behind us far enough so that once we left the outer region of the planet we had sufficient time to engage the impulse engines before the Marauders could catch up and prevent us from leaving the area.

We explored each of the 2 moons; one was a Treasure World with 13 precious metals while the other was an Acid World with class 4 tectonics and 16 common minerals -- and we scanned the white gas giant as well but found nothing unusual.

We then proceeded to the innermost planet, which had previously been obscured from our sensors during our preliminary scans upon system arrival due to its close rotation to the sun, but our scanners showed it to be a medium-sized green planet with 2 other moons.

The 1st moon was an Auric World with class 6 weather and 8 deposits of gold, while the 2nd was a Selenic World with class 4 weather and 5 base metals, and the planet is a Redux World with class 4 weather, class 3 tectonics and 11 corrosives.

We continued to implement the same strategy by allowing the big Kohr-Ah group to catch up before moving on to the next planet, followed by flying in a circle far around the range of the planet, and then kicking into high gear when we were certain we could escape:


We will continue towards the 2nd planet. Captain out.
Captain’s Log – May 2, 2158 – Gamma Crateris II – Red Alert

After once again evading the Kohr-Ah ships, we have entered orbit of a Metal World with class 7 weather, class 3 tectonics, 3 corrosives, 8 base metals, precious metals, 1 radioactive and 10 biological lifeforms.

We will send down the Lander to try and capture the lifeforms, disregarding the elements. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log – Supplemental:

A slight oversight!… I should’ve also included the planet’s temperature of 140° Celsius! The little lava spots popping up was a bit of a surprise, but the real danger came from the sky; the class 7 weather of the planet produced violent electrical ion storms that zapped the lander repeatedly, until unfortunately a few away team members perished from electrocution when the lander’s shield couldn’t handle the overload of surging energy.

The lander stayed on the surface for a short while longer to verify the type of lifeforms that were present, and after they determined all ten of the lifeforms were the blue and grey slow-moving radial-tentacled animals, the landing party returned to the ship.

We have transferred a few of the crew from one of the Avatars to keep our crew status at full strength, and after the transfer is complete and rest of the Kohr-Ah arrive, we’ll continue towards the next planet. Captain out.
Captain’s Log – May 2, 2158 – Gamma Crateris III – Red Alert

We weren’t certain of our next destination, since we were still at medium scan range, which didn’t show most of the planets nearby, so I took a quick look at the system scan when we first entered the system and noticed the 3rd planet to be closest, so we set course, and have entered orbit of a cyan Gas Giant, but there is nothing unusual about it, plus it has no moons to explore, so we’ll be moving on.

We will set course for the 4th planets. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log – May 3, 2158 – Gamma Crateris IV – Red Alert

We have entered orbit of an Yttric World with class 4 tectonics, 1 base metal and 3 rare earths, so we’ll be moving on.

We have set course for the 6th planet. Captain out.
Captain’s Log – May 4, 2158 – Gamma Crateris VI-a – Red Alert

The 6th planet was just a Xenolithic World with class 4 tectonics, 2 base metals and 1 precious metal, and it also had a moon, which we’ve just entered orbit of, but it turned out to be a Halide World with 2 corrosives and 2 radioactives, so we’ll be moving on, as soon as the Kohr-Ah fleet catches up.

We will set course for the 9th and final planet. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log – May 5, 2158 – Gamma Crateris IX – Red Alert

We have just entered orbit of another Xenolithic World, and this one has class 4 tectonics and 3 base metals, which concludes our exploration of this system.

We will set course for Delta Crateris. Captain out.
Captain’s Log – May 6, 2158 – (Exact Position Unknown – Near Gamma Crateris) – Red Alert: Battle Stations

We have had repeated engagements with both the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah, and our fleet has been depleted and the Vindicator has been severely damaged.

After departing Gamma Crateris, we were immediately confronted by a pair of Dreadnoughts, which the Vindicator handled with no problem, but it allowed the other ships nearby to catch up as others popped up into HyperSpace close by as well, and we were soon fighting for our lives continuously, with each fallen squadron being replaced by another, with a mix of Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah battling one another for a shot to take on the rebel humans and company.

We’re spent… and there’s still bogeys all around us, but I’ve suspended time to allow myself to take a breather before sending us all the way back to when we first arrived in this region via QuasiSpace portal, since at that time the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah took a little while before noticing our presence, which should give us enough time to anticipate the enemy’s movements as we set out for Delta Crateris. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log – Apr 19, 2158 – Delta Crateris – Yellow Alert

Whoa! Now that’s something different and unexpected:


Uh… yikes! Something tells me I may have found the Sa-Matra. Captain out.

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Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 7:44 pm
by Death 999
It's… a giant pokéball!

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Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 8:05 pm
by Elestan
The Troglodyte wrote:Uh… yikes! Something tells me I may have found the Sa-Matra. Captain out.
*grabs a bag of popcorn*

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 8:47 pm
by krulle
Can you defeat the defending forces?

Who could help you?

So many questions...

Walks off to the kitchen to pop some.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 2:17 am
by palmpet
They are probably just in line for soft pretzel day. It's nothing to worry about.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 7:25 am
by Quasispatial
So it begins...

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 9:29 am
by krulle
palmpet wrote:They are probably just in line for soft pretzel day. It's nothing to worry about.
PSST. The title of this thread specifically forbids spoilers!

Maybe he just stumbled over a ritual fight in their doctrinal war.
Done like "musical chairs" (a.k.a. "Trip to Jerusalem" or "Trip to Rome"), every once and then the music stops, and they all rush for the free seat. The non-sitting ones need to leave.

From the image it looks like the Kzer-Za are winning. Currenty having a ratio of around 3:1 battlegroups.