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Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 8:20 pm
by The Troglodyte
Starbase Report – May 5, 2158 – Vindicator Fleet Status: Docked
Commander Hayes – “Everyone, please be seated. Captain, I trust you’re doing well following your most recent mission?”

Captain Zelnick – “Still alive, yes. Doing well? No. As you’ll soon see, we had our fair share of struggles in Crateris before running into a dead end. Commander, the battle logs prior to Delta Crateris?”

Tactical Officer – “According to my reports, we engaged both the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah forces on several occasions in Theta and Gamma Crateris, usually resulting in numerous casualties during each encounter in Gam-Crat for a total of 36 losses, even though I’m just going off the report I made in an alternate time line. As far as I can remember, we exited QuasiSpace with full company and crew and immediately set course for Delta Crateris.”

Captain Zelnick – “That’s because we were attacked again after leaving Gamma Crateris, and then we were stuck in HyperSpace, left with no way to retreat as reinforcements kept arriving, so I used the time portal and headed straight for the next star on the list: Delta Crateris. Fortunately, we immediately knew we had found what we were looking for by the time we entered the system.”

Commander Hayes – “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

Science Officer – “Upon system entry, our scanners immediately detected a large swarm of both Kohr-Ah and Ur-Quan, mostly Ur-Quan; hundreds of ships in a far orbital range, flying together in a synchronous, circular pattern.”

Captain Zelnick – “I ordered us ahead into the Ur-Quan ball, and after we defeated a large group of Dreadnoughts, we slipped past the quote/unquote Circle Guard and made our way towards the planet. That’s when we caught our only glimpse of THE BEAST!”

Commander Hayes – “The beast?!”

Chief Medical Officer – “Our dear captain thinks himself a Captain Ahab, but this whale comes with a massive school of sharks!”

Captain Zelnick – “But as we approached, a massive wall of Dreadnoughts jumped in and blocked our path.”

1st Officer – “There was no way we were getting past that!”

Science Officer – “It would appear the Chmmr’s recommendation is prudent. We may very well be unable to penetrate the Sa-Matra’s seemingly endless supply of Dreadnoughts without a proper distraction.”

Captain Tinkafoo – “Yes, a diversion would be… helpful.”

Commander Hayes – “So you never saw it for yourself?”

Captain Zelnick – “We barely even got to take a look at it.”

Science Officer – “We were however able to conduct a brief series of short-range scans upon our approach before we experienced Ur-Quan interference.”

Captain Zelnick – “Check it out. Computer, display image from file Sa-Matra-Scan1.”


Captain Zelnick – “Commander, did your analysis reveal anything useful?”

Science Officer – “Negative. At that range the sensors have only begun to detect the object; we were unable to penetrate whatever is encasing the vessel, but perhaps if we were able to get closer.”

1st Officer – “Well, that’s neither here or there. There’s no way we’re going back, right Captain?”

Captain Zelnick – “At least not right away. But perhaps we can still learn something… Computer, scan the image in section C-7, and enlarge.”


Captain Yeep-eep – “Weel keptin, ’at thaur picture be a mighty bit fuzzae if Ah dornt be sayin’ sae myself! Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye. Yer bum’s oot the windae!”

Chief Medical Officer – “Does anybody know what the Yehat just said?”

Science Officer – “Honestly, I have no idea.”

1st Officer – “Something about the picture being fuzzy… I think.”

Captain *Singer* – “Disappointing *conclusions*. It is not *smooth*!”

Chief Medical Officer – “And we never know what you’re saying!”

Captain *Singer* – “Nnnnnngaaaa!!!!”

Captain Zelnick – “At any rate, it does just seem to be a big clump of colors. Can we make any determinations from this picture?”

Science Officer – “Only conjecture, Captain. The central blue section appears to inside some kind of encasement, the surrounding grey ovoid part, which also contains a bright green bar.”

Captain Zelnick – “What could that green section be?”

Science Officer – “Potentially anything. It could be a shield grid and the most reinforced protected area, or in contrast, it could be their most vulnerable point. For all we know it could be their main thruster unit, or even their main weapon. Our analysis is practically useless without more information. Didn’t the Chmmr share some insights?”


Tactical Officer – “Those must be the numerous red sections on the outside corners.”


Chief Medical Officer – “What do you mean by toroids? Would the thing be shooting rings at us?”


1st Officer – “Perhaps something similar to the Marauder’s ‘Fiery Ring of Inevitable and Eternal Destruction’?”

Commander Hayes – “Maybe. Captain, considering the number of casualties you’ve recently acquired, I have to ask… are you planning on continuing in this timeline or regressing back to another time spot?”

Captain Zelnick – “In truth, I’m not sure. Even though it is vitally important that the Chmmr are ultimately freed, I still have trepidations about sending the Ilwrath to their doom in order to accomplish that task. I will probably end up reverting things back to the way they were before tricking the Ilwrath into attacking the Thraddash, but I’d like to investigate more on that avenue beforehand. Besides, who are we to dictate the demise of an entire species, even it is such a deplorable, evil race like the Ilwrath?”

Commander Hayes – “How can you be sure they’re going to all be wiped out?”

Captain Zelnick – “See for yourself. Computer, upload file Ilwrath-shrinkage8 and display image.”


Captain Zelnick – “We have kept an account of the progress of the Ilwrath’s diminishing sphere of influence ever since they arrived in the Draconis region. This is the most recent scan and, as you can see, if it doesn’t cease shrinking, soon it will disappear altogether, and I think we all know what that means.”

Tactical Officer – “Yeah, it means we’ve severely underestimated the Thraddash.”

Captain Zelnick – “The next mission objective would be to travel up to Draco and investigate the Ilwrath invasion for ourselves, although I’ll admit things look pretty bleak from the Ilwrath side of it.”

Science Officer – “Which is quite curious, by the way, considering how we’ve heard from multiple sources about the Thraddash are supposed to be weak.”

Chief Medical Officer – “Yeah, even by the Spathi!”

Captain Fwiffo – “Hey!!”

Captain Zelnick – “I’d like to bring along a good variety of ships with us into Draconis, so I believe we can afford to decommission a few Avatars and replace them with a Scout, Stinger and a Cruiser.”

1st Officer – “Indeed, and Captain, speaking of which, we should consider the continuation of training simulations against Thraddash Torches for our newest alliance members, all things considered.”

Captain Zelnick – “Very well, see to it Commander.”

1st Officer – “Yes sir.”

Captain Zelnick – “Well, if there’s nothing more? No? Dismissed.”

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 9:56 pm
by krulle
Breach of protocol: Cmdr Hayes opens the meeting, and seemingly leads it, but then Cptn Zelnick ends it?

Anyway, interesting meeting.
Something learned, but nothing you can act on now, apparently.

So, will the Ilwrath be wiped out, or will they still win against the Thraddash, and just remain severely reduced,like the Mycon were after Organon? More time will tell...
And reverting back in time to not send the Ilwrath also means losing your Chmmr Avatars, if I remember correctly.... As you sent them away, because they were ambushing you in Procyon.

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Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 1:59 pm
by The Troglodyte
krulle wrote:Breach of protocol: Cmdr Hayes opens the meeting, and seemingly leads it, but then Cptn Zelnick ends it?
I think it’s obvious we don’t really stand on ceremony at the Starbase. Commander Hayes handles the logistics of providing the meeting rooms and acts more as a host, accommodating the needs of Captain Zelnick and fleet while running the Starbase. In a sense, according to how the game performs, Captain Zelnick is more of an admiral than just a mere captain. I think field promotion may be in order. ;)
krulle wrote:Anyway, interesting meeting.
Something learned, but nothing you can act on now, apparently.
You’re right, nothing to act on, but the encounter was very exciting for me. The exploration of Crateris and the discovery thereafter was so much fun, and I always get a big rush when I put myself in the position of a suicide mission, so I already had assumed I’d run into a brick wall, I just wanted to see the wall for myself.
krulle wrote:And reverting back in time to not send the Ilwrath also means losing your Chmmr Avatars, if I remember correctly.... As you sent them away, because they were ambushing you in Procyon.
Too true! How I’ll miss those avatars, which is why I’m trying to accomplish many of my curiosities with those juggernauts still readily available.

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Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 4:30 am
by Draxas
Just remember, the more you accomplish now, the more painful it will be to revert ever further, should you still elect to do that.

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Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 2:22 pm
by The Troglodyte
Captain’s Log – May 5, 2158 – Starbase – Status: Docked

We are almost ready for departure from Starbase and journey into the Draconis region and attempt to investigate the ongoing invasion of the Ilwrath, who are trying to eradicate the Thraddash, but to be honest, it looks like they themselves are the ones getting dealt the eradication factor. However, without prior knowledge of the Thraddash’s sphere of influence (since we have yet to encounter them) we cannot be for certain.

We’ve decommissioned 3 Avatars, the H.M.S. Ruby, Amethyst and Quartz, and replaced them with the Shofixti Scoutship H.M.S. Akira, the Zoq-Fot-Pik Stinger H.M.S. Yellow Jacket, and the Earthling Cruiser H.M.S. Excalibur. We have also finished up training simulations, preparing the Yehat ship Talon and the just recently christened Syreen ship H.M.S. Dagger along with the rest of the fleet to be ready for any possible encounters with hostile Thraddash or Ilwrath.

We will set course for the Draco Constellation. Captain out.
Captain’s Log – May 6, 2158 – HyperSpace {408.7 : 773.9}

We reached the edge of Sol space and immediately activated the Quasi Portal upon making HyperSpace and set course for the lowest positioned portal in QuasiSpace at sector {476.0 : 458.0} since according to our star charts it would put us closest to the Thraddash, even though it would also place us on the upper right edge of Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah space.

Going over my notes, and gathering every bit of information we’ve obtained on the Thraddash thus far (most of which, by the way, was bought from the Melnorme, since most other races in our region have had little dealings with the Thraddash) I’ve surmised that there are two key locations that we should focus most of our attention: Delta and Zeta Draconis, with the former being the alleged location of the Thraddash homeworld, and the latter being the supposed location of where the Aqua Helix artifact is being held.

I am certainly tempted to go directly to Zeta Draconis and see if we can uncover and possibly obtain the Aqua Helix, but perhaps it may be more wise and prudent to attempt making peaceful contact with the Thraddash before we ransack their establishment and make off with their prized possession!

Therefore, in the name of diplomatic relations, we will set course for Delta Draconis. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log – May 18, 2158 – Delta Draconis – Yellow Alert

We have just arrived on the outskirts of the Delta Draconis System; a dwarf yellow star with 9 planets:


Planet 1 – Medium Blue (temperate zone)
Planet 2 – Yellow Gas giant (cool zone) (1 Thraddash)
Planet 3 – Small Green (cold zone begins) (1 Thraddash)
Planet 4 – Small Green (1 Thraddash)
Planet 5 – Green Gas Giant
Planet 6 – Medium Green (1 Thraddash)
Planet 7 – Medium Red
Planet 8 – Small Green
Planet 9 – Red Gas Giant

‘Draco’ obviously comes from the word ‘dragon’, or actually that’s probably the other way around, and in Greek mythology it refers to a watchdog (or I guess that would be a watchdragon) named Ladon that was tasked with guarding apples. Wouldn’t it be better served left guarding something more significant, such as large chests of treasures or big piles of precious jewels, or protecting castles or peasant villages? Oh wait!… Cross referencing through my historical accounts I’ve discovered these were no ordinary apples, these were pink lady apples!… no, strike that… they’re golden delicious apples! Oh, now it’s all adding up. I mean, golden delicious apples are pretty good, even though I myself prefer Granny Smith apples due to their tartness. Uh… Ooops! No, not golden delicious… just golden apples. Hmmm… that would make the difference, I suppose. Ok, so I think I got it now… the dragon was protecting hunks of gold shaped like apples. Now it’s all making sense… sort of.

(Wiki Ref: Draco coils around the north celestial pole, as depicted in Urania’s Mirror,
a set of constellation cards published in London c.1825)

I expect there is high degree of probability that the innermost planet is the Thraddash homeworld, but I’d like to make contact with one of their patrol groups before snooping around the planets, I’m just hoping our first contact with them will be a peaceful one.

We will set course for the Thraddash around the 4th planet. We are going to Red Alert. Captain out.

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Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 8:35 pm
by krulle
*makes popcorn*

Anyone else?

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Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 4:56 pm
by Death 999
New race! It's been a while, hasn't it?

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Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 5:35 pm
by The Troglodyte
Captain’s Log – May 18, 2158 – Delta Draconis (Near Planet 4) – Yellow Alert

We approached the Thraddash with our deflectors up, but we left the main shield lowered and our weapons unarmed, hoping that it would gain us some brownie points as we opened communications.

The Thraddash captain filled most of the viewscreen, although peering around him I could see some of their control panels and even something that looked like a tactical display, which showed a sensor image of the Vindicator with several Thraddash Torches positioned nose-to-nose with us.

They appear to be a warm-blooded, mammalian species, almost hominid-like: bi-pedal, having a pair of arms, ears, eyes nostrils, and hands with 10 finger digits and opposable thumbs. Beyond that though they’re appearance was far from human -- they actually looked more like a cross between a rhinoceros and a warthog, with a little sprinkle of hippopotamus.

Their skin appeared bluish-grey and tough like a rhino’s hide, perhaps even moreso like an evolved thick skin of armor, and it appeared segmented together to allow at least some flexibility for the patches of skin to move as they bend their limbs. The captain wore a space cadet-esque uniform and smoked a very large cigar and didn’t cease smoking, even when he spoke as his twitching hippo-like ears remained at attention all the while, and his large, hollow, glowing yellowish green eyes remained transfixed on mine the entire time.

However, they were uninterested in making friends. They even thought all of us humans were dead. As a matter of fact, they were really uninterested in anything other than returning to what they referred to as a “great and glorious war”, and they boasted how their great defense was laying waste to the Ilwrath offensive, and that they had only suffered minor casualties.

At first, I naively believed their claims of success in battle without question, considering the way we have observed the Ilwrath’s sphere of influence decrease and wither away with every passing moment that they remain in Draconis, but when the Thraddash ships rushed off (presumably to re-engage more Ilwrath in battle -- oh well, at least they didn’t attack us) we viewed the small Ilwrath zone on the starmap and discovered the Thraddash’s SOI is actually smaller than the Ilwrath’s and engulfed within, and it too is almost completely gone! Yikes!


Perhaps we’ll get a better response from those guarding their homeworld, assuming it really is the innermost world. Therefore, we will set course for the 1st planet. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log – May 19, 2158 – Delta Draconis (Near Planet 1) – Yellow Alert


Unfortunately, the planetary guards weren’t any more cooperate than the patrols. They said this war was basically the best thing to happen since sliced bread to something they called their “19 Cultures”, whatever that means. They somehow still feel they are in complete control of the war and are preparing to finish off the Ilwrath, and they ordered us to steer clear or they would blast their way through us. Reluctantly, we left orbit. A few more encounters throughout the system proved equally as useless.

This is getting ridiculous; perhaps the close-to-extermination Ilwrath have had their fill of death (something I find hard to believe, but hey… you never know) so we’ll see if we can find some to talk to out in HyperSpace and see if they have any insights they’d like to share.

We will set course for… well, uh… the small magenta Ilwrath circle around us in HyperSpace and see if we can track down a spider or two! Captain out.

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Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 7:27 pm
by krulle
Never went there during their war, so haven't experienced Culture 19 fighting the Ilwrath....

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Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 2:14 pm
by The Troglodyte
Captain’s Log – May 21, 2158 – HyperSpace {252.8 : 821.8}

I really wasn’t all that surprised by the response from the Ilwrath. We encountered a pair of Avengers as we headed downspin in the direction of Gamma Draconis. Prior to that discussion we made contact with a few Thraddash, which by the way can travel relatively quickly through HyperSpace, and it also allowed the slower plodding Ilwrath ships ample time to catch up and greet us.

They were of course still clinging tightly to their channel 44 broadcasts and the orders from the gods to slay the Thraddash, and they are convinced this is the correct course of action, regardless of the consequence, apparently even at the cost of their whole race, as long as they feel they are obeying their gods’ wishes. They resented our presence and, just as the Thraddash did, commanded us to stop interfering with their holy crusade. Seeking out more Ilwrath proved identically as useless as our approaches in Delta Draconis.

I’m still convinced though… there must be another option! Wait! Perhaps there is! I delved deep into my logs and alien transmissions, and I recalled an important note that the Melnorme included concerning the Thraddash:

Melnorme – “They have little or no respect for anything but force, which they admire greatly. To make the Thraddash your friends, you should consider killing most, but not all of them.”

We will reverse course and head back to Delta Draconis and see if we can pick a fight! Captain out.
Captain’s Log – May 26, 2158 – Delta Draconis V – Red Alert

We re-entered the Delta Draconis and intercepted a squadron of 4 Thraddash Torches, but instead of opening communications, I ordered us to fire upon all vessels with our powerful Hellbore Cannons, and a few seconds later… there was nothing left but a few drifting scraps of debris. My eye twitched a little at the sight of the carnage, but I’m convinced this may be necessary, but there’s no time for reflective grief or contemplation; we’ve definitely stirred the nest! We have incoming Thraddash coming in on sensors:


We are going back to battle stations! Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log – Supplemental:

Like a swarm of angry bumblebees, the Thraddash chased us all around the system until we accidentally entered range of the 5th planet, and then they surrounded and closed in on us from all sides, and there was no way to escape!

I was about to give the order to fire the main weapon, and suddenly the Thraddash appeared on my screen and told us to stop bothering us, and then the entire fleet of Thraddash casually drifted away in search of another spider to stomp.

They seem to really just want us to leave them alone. Frankly, we could probably return to green status if we wanted. I highly doubt instigating confrontation with the Ilwrath would accomplish anything as well.

However, there’s still one more stop on my list I’d like to check out. We will set course For Zeta Draconis. Captain out.