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About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!
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Author:  krulle [ Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Interesting. I indeed have heard of the "Skiff reward" not being activated if there is no room, and saved for a later point in game. I just forgot about it.
You now know that receiving the Arilou, the Pkunk [1] and the ZFP ships trigger differently. The Arilou trigger at the StarBase, while the ZFP triggered by saving their homeworld. The Pkunk are just time-triggered.
But I have to shut up now, I already deleted an elaboration that might be considered spoilerish, and I wish to refrain from gibing direct spoilers.

[1]: Yes, I specifically searched whether you've received Pkunk Furies already. Didn't want to fall in that trap. So I re-edited the Pkunk in again.

Author:  The Troglodyte [ Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Captain’s Log - Aug 1, 2157 - Starbase

Well, it turned out I was wrong about Commander Hayes; he hasn’t lost his mind… well, not yet anyway! We were in the middle of a conference briefing outlining our next mission objectives, and an Arilou Skiff flew by the main base’s observation deck and it joined the other two in docking bay. So there is three Skiffs for us to keep after all! It must’ve been out and about, scouting the system for us!


After the brief interruption, we finished our meeting and are in agreement that our next destination should be Alpha Cerenkov, where hopefully we’ll be able to make the exchange of our nasty beast for the Shofixti females with Admiral ZEX. We don’t want to keep that crazy, dangerous animal onboard for any longer than we have to!

If we wanted, we could use the Portal Spawner to put us on the other side of VUX territory and travel towards Cerenkov from there, but I feel that a direct course will be sufficient, and due to necessary travel we would have traversed otherwise while within QuasiSpace, the shortened distance isn’t really as shortened as it may appear.

We will set course for Alpha Cerenkov. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log - Aug 13, 2156 - Alpha Cerenkov - Yellow Alert

After travelling through HyperSpace for the last 12 days, we have arrived on the outer edge of the Alpha Cerenkov System. Unexpectedly, our sensors are not detecting the presence of any VUX Intruders, even though a few appeared on long-range sensors while we were still in HyperSpace just before we entered the system, but nevertheless, our system sensors are not detecting anything now that we're inside.

Regardless, I’m placing us on Yellow Alert status, since 1) That horrible, ill-tempered beast is still onboard, 2) we already know that Admiral ZEX always keeps his massive VUX fleet nearby and 3) we have no way of telling how our negotiations are going to transpire once we reveal we have found the foul creature that he so terribly desires.

We will set course for the 1st planet and home of ZEX. Captain out.

Author:  krulle [ Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Pulls out popcorn.
This is good, I have to watch this.

Author:  The Troglodyte [ Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Captain’s Log – Aug 14, 2157 – Near Alpha Cerenkov I – Red Alert

As we approached the innermost planet, Admiral ZEX signaled us as he approached from the other side of the planet in his personal Intruder vessel. Usually, he just broadcasts from the surface while his goon’s ships lie in wait on the periphery, but this time it seems he wanted to contact us personally. Hmmm… somehow he must’ve known that our return meant we had found his elusive prize.

Upon closer inspection of his unique ship, our science officer informed me that this Intruder-type vessel is larger and much more like a battle cruiser, an intimidating one at that, and sensors reveal it has been equipped with a main forward laser cannon that could drill a hole right through any of our ships, including the Vindicator, and it also had additional laser turrets to boot, and from the energy readings it has a greater battery capacity as well to help compensate its massive power.

(an artist’s rendering of Admiral ZEX's modified Intruder)

The situation remained tense for a few more moments as other Intruder ships crept in closer, so I ordered our ship to form a defensive perimeter around our flagship, with an Orz and a Pkunk on either side, the Tobermoon and all 3 Arilou Skiffs, the Discus, Hockey Puck and the newly christened H.M.S. Country Biscuit (to keep with their name themes) at the front, and of course, the 2 Spathi ships, the StarRunner and StarGazer, to guard the rear, along with the Zoq-Fot-Pik’s Stinger vessel.

The silence of the cluster of opposing ships was wound up so tight it could’ve been cut with a large space knife, so to ease the escalating circumstance, we opened communications and ZEX reiterated that we should be friends, along with the usual eerie undertones which implied a subtle point of deception, knowing full-well the gravity of the situation.


We immediately revealed that we had indeed found the ferocious beast that he has sought after, and we would like to trade it for the Shofixti females he has kept in his menagerie. His sly demeanor quickly changed into a more gleeful tone as the revelation of the captured monster became a reality almost in his grasp, and he insisted that we transfer the creature over to his ship right away.

His eagerness made me apprehensive, and I suddenly became worried that as soon as he had our troublesome passenger in his possession, our leverage would swiftly become absent, so I reminded him that we would need the Shofixti ladies to be presented at this time. Insulted by my frank and bold attitude, he tried to reassure me that his subordinates were feverishly working on bringing the maidens up from the surface as we were speaking.

But I was unconvinced, and I became more firm and demanded that in order for him to receive the vile, putrid beast from us he was going to have the Shofixti females on-hand. This infuriated Admiral ZEX even more, and he accused me of insulting his word of honor, and even went as far as saying that he himself could do wonders in patching things up with ourselves and the VUX High Council if we cooperated.

I ordered our communication’s officer to mute the channel for a moment and gather the bridge crew’s opinion, and my 1st officer recommended that we attempt to make the exchange, stating that if worst comes to worst, I could always use the time portal after knowing the outcome if ZEX attempted any trickery, so I complied and sent over the beast in our specialized shuttlecraft that has been outfitted with a holding cell compartment with powerful magnetic restraints and it’s strapped to a large dolly with a large mask over its face with eyeholes and a caged mouthhole to hopefully prevent it from taking a big chunk out of my “volunteered” security personnel during its transfer.

Then, the other shoe dropped. Damn, I was afraid this might happen. I always suspected that ZEX was attracted to me, but his outlook on attraction is definitely twisted and demented, as he revealed that the hideous creature he now possesses still falls short of the absolute awful ugliness that I personally represent. I am so disgusting and gross-looking that ZEX feels he simply must acquire ME for his menagerie of monsters! Hey! I may not be the most handsome, good-looking fellow out there, but come on! I’m not that bad! Am I?

Anyway, already knowing all too well that I would never surrender myself to his sickening desires, he announced that he was going to attack! What? Yikes! Our chances for escape were gone, ZEX had already activated his Precursor Warp Nullifier Device. We also knew that once his ship had engaged its thrusters, it’s special feature would allow it to enter the battlefield adjacent to ours, possibly slicing us in half before we even had a chance to respond! This was not good!

However, suddenly, as we were still receiving their transmission, we could hear pandemonium unleashed on their ship. All of their consoles and systems were erupting and going completely haywire, and we could hear alarms sounding and VUX crew members screaming in agony as Admiral ZEX shouted in a panic at his first officer, Sub-Commander DAX. Hmmm… I didn’t know he had a Trill on his crew, but not for much longer! We all knew what had happened before ZEX even realized it himself; that abomination… that oh-so-wonderful abomination had gotten loose and was wreaking havoc and tearing the ship apart from the inside out, and saving our skins in the process! Thanks horrible devil monster!!

We began witnessing other VUX ships trying to render aid to ZEX, but it looked like it was too late, as we could already see numerous hull breaches and explosions coming from all over the ship as it began to disentigrate. I just hope poor “Fluffy” makes it out okay! (I don’t why the crew adoringly called it that, considering it didn’t have any fur whatsoever)

Anyway, we weren’t about to stick around to see the final aftermath, so we put ourselves as far away from the action on the other side of the planet and scanned its surface for what we came for, and soon we detected an energy reading in the middle region of this dreary-looking methane and/or ammonia-filled reduction world, and we sent down the lander to investigate.

Within the hour, we were receiving a transmission from the surface:


We are now currently fleeing VUX space as fast as possible, before Admiral ZEX’s hit squad realizes what we’ve done! The Shofixti Maidens are being held in our cargo bay and we will remain at red alert until the threat has passed as we flee the system. Captain out.
EDIT: goon's ship lies in wait --> goon's ships lie in wait

Author:  krulle [ Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Now, to Cmdr. Hayes and the scientists aboard the StarBase; or directly to Delta Gorno?

Author:  The Troglodyte [ Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

krulle wrote:
Now, to Cmdr. Hayes and the scientists aboard the StarBase; or directly to Delta Gorno?

Decisions... Decisions...

Author:  krulle [ Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Meh, as I know you, you're flxing to Starbase, have the scientists have their look, then reset time, and now back to Delta Gorno...

Best of both worlds this way..

Author:  The Troglodyte [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

krulle wrote:
Meh, as I know you, you're flxing to Starbase, have the scientists have their look, then reset time, and now back to Delta Gorno...

Best of both worlds this way..

“He’s a sorcerer, that one. He reads the thoughts in my brain.” – Romulan Commander, “Balance of Terror”*
Captain’s Log - Aug 20, 2157 - Starbase

After securing the Shofixti Maidens in our cargo bay, we used the QuasiSpace Portal Spawner to return back to base, where we were greeted by Hayes, who was a bit surprised to see us back so soon.


Here’s the report Commander Hayes gave us after the starbase scientists checked out the cryogenic freezer:

“The analysis reads as follows:
SUBJECT: Shofixti Maidens.
DATA: Subjects appear to be 16 Shofixti females, all
in young adulthood.
Subjects appear to be in good condition, with little or
no freezer burn or other degeneration.
Hibernation maintenance units are functioning
normally, and resuscitation equipment is easily
SUMMARY: We can wake them, but why? What shall we
tell them? That they are an extinct species?
Until such a time as we feel we can induce artificial
..or otherwise give the Shofixti sexual viability, our
recommendation is to keep them as they are...
That’s the end of our scientists’ report.”


Now I’ll use the time portal to put us back in Alpha Cerenkov, and from there we’ll head on down to Delta Gorno to rendezvous with a very lucky Captain Tanaka. Our interstellar sensors show that the Pkunk are beginning to move through that region of space on the return home to Gamma Krueger, so we may meet up with a few of them while we’re in that region.

We have set course for Delta Gorno. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log - Aug 25, 2157 - Delta Gorno - Status: Green

we avoided a few VUX bogeys after leaving the system, and I believe we were also tailed by a probe the rest of the way here, but we simply ignored it since they no longer pose a threat, thanks to our nifty auto-destruct sequence code transmitter device thing-a-ma-bob.

We have entered Delta Gorno, but we’re not detecting Captain Tanaka’s ship anywhere, but he swore he’d stand guard and protect this system. I just hope that the Pkunk flying through this area of space aren’t dropping in and annoying him into hiding!

We will begin a systematic search of the system until we find Tanaka, and I could guarantee you he’d definitely come running with bells on if he knew what we had aboard!

We shall start the search with the outermost planet and work our way inwards. Captain out.
*(Star Trek:The Original Series; Paramnount Pictures, Ltd.)

Author:  krulle [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Wasn't that difficult to guess.... ;)

Tell us when you find him...
(I'm also looking forward to how you willl take the ending credits.... )

Author:  The Troglodyte [ Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Captain’s Log - Aug 25, 2157 - Near Delta Gorno IV

We found Captain Tanaka in orbit around the fourth planet, twiddling his thumbs as usual (even though one would think he might have adequate time to clean up the inside of his ship a little). He gave us his usual report of nothing worth reporting, and was ready to bid us farewell, but I interjected that there was an important duty we required of him. He was intrigued, but let’s just say he didn’t pick up on any of the subtle innuendo I threw out there, and so I had to lay it all on the line for him:


He informed us that he was more than sufficiently prepared to take the Shofixti frozen ladies off our hands and then he could pop them in the microwave on defrost to thaw them out (one of very few things that actually works on his ship!), wake them up, and then… well, er.. uh… well, you know! (with their consent of course)

After we had finished transferring the Shofixti Maidens onboard his Scout vessel, he took off in blazing speed and had vanished moments later! Curious… even after using the time portal to repeat our conversation a few more times to experiment with any other possible responses (which there were none), we still couldn’t keep up with Tanaka once he made his departure. One time I ordered the helm to stay with him, but as soon as we reached the end of the system, he continued to refuse to respond to our hails (imagine that!) and then the Scout engaged its HyperSpace drive section and we lost sight of him. Hmmm… I’m thinking he must be in a big hurry to make it out to wherever he has a little hideaway to have his fun little rat orge without any interruption!

Well, and that leaves us here with nothing else to do but continue our mission, but I’d like to check back at Starbase to see if there’s anything new from Commander Hayes to share with us. We are setting course for Sol. Zelnick out.
Captain’s Log - Supplemental:

After we returned to base and discovered there wasn’t anything new going on, I had a persistent desire to use our own cryogenic chambers to see what would result if we waited to see if anything would transpire if we gave Captain Tanaka enough time for proper propagation to commence, and perhaps we would even acquire a small contingent of little Shofixti to help aide us in our mission. Unfortunately, after we hooked up the Shofixti Maiden’s cryogenic unit to our own, it overloaded the circuits and engineering told me it could be months before it’s operational again. Fortunately, the Shofixti Maiden’s cryotank is still functional and running independently.

Then another something occurred to me, and it was another strange inkling that wouldn’t go away. I had this crazy idea that if I used the time portal to put me back in a timeline where we still had the Shofixti Maidens, then maybe I could meet up with some Yehat and show them the Shofixti females, then maybe they would understand our good intentions and rebel against the Hierarchy and join up with us!

Sadly, I was wrong again. We found some Yehat alright, right before entering their homeworld system of Gamma Serpentis, but when I tried to put the cryogenic tank on the viewscreen, they couldn’t make anything out through the freezing fog and accused us of trying to deceive them and attacked. I won’t give any more details on the battle, other than saying… things didn’t go so well for us.

Fortunately, I had already placed a time portal spot after we had finalized the transfer onto Tanaka ship, so we can resume from there. Captain out.

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