What the Kzer-Za might do after being defeated.

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Re: What the Kzer-Za might do after being defeated.

Post by glory_device » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:47 pm

The reason for me that tilt the balance toward redemption for the Kzer-Za is the fact that despite being the antagonist of the story...you can also empathize the Ur-Quan species as a whole. Yes they were cruel and so on and so forth and that if the story was real, it wouldn't be the same. But since you play this game like you would read a novel (in a broad sense) you end up developing a small sense of compassion toward them.

It's simply because it was written in such a way that you slowly empathize with the Kzer-Za and despite the Kohr-Ah. The best example of this is when your thrown in the middle of Quan space by the Dnyarri...that dialog right there is one of the best moment of SC2. You Literally can feel the fear of the Dnyarri and it's almost transmitted to you through the voice tone and words of the Kzer-Za.
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