Which is your favourite SC race?

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Re: Which is your favourite SC race?

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Lartil wrote:
Nuclear wrote:Did the Yehat always have Scottish accent or was it just when the voices were added in that they decided that would be cool?
I used to be able to do an awesome imitation for them, then I lost it but I may get it back and bring some other voice imitations with me. 8)-smf
Prior to hearing the 3do version I thought the Yehats had a pirate accent. All that Arghhhing and stuff.
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Re: Which is your favourite SC race?

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Your favorite race must be either the Mycon or Orz, you speak similar to both of them Sambot ;D-smf
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Re: Which is your favourite SC race?

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ORZ not likely, but Mycon makes perfect sence - they ARE (from Umgah dialogue) constructed bots. Just imagine - Precursors were spammers!
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Re: Which is your favourite SC race?

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I find the Spathi, VUX (that whole apologizing over and over routine) and especially the Thraddash the funniest.

The Ilwrath can be pretty amusing too, like how you can screw around with them, asking if they aren't actually good by their own standards, and making them say silly things with the caster, like dwe instead of we. And the Umgahs evil sense of humour is very funny too! Big waves! big waves!

I think the Mycon are the most mysterious, but the Orz are a close tie.

The two Ur-Quan species definitely made for intriguing and effective well written villains.

I wouldn't say there's a species in the game I dislike in fact. Although there are species I think the average SC2 fan probably likes better then I do (most notably the Melnorme, but hey they sell you cool tech and provide an ingame fuel service, so they're still cool. (I just don't think their good guys as most people seem to assume, their in my view mostly, if not completely, neutral. (And I don't think they'd have at all a pleasant society to live in, considering their very dim views on altruism... strikes me as kind of social darwinist almost. Makes you wonder if Melnorme even could have real friendships, because with their view on giving, it looks to me they could only have amicable trading relationships, but not true friendships, which require very much in my view a willingness to give even when it's not useful to you personally.) I like their function in the game and I like that they're in the game, I reiterate that, but I do think they're a neutral species and not good guys per se. And I think I'd say they WOULD probably be my least favourite, because as cool as the tech they sell is, they're really mostly the games fuel service mechanic and ingame hintbook.

I can't repeat enough though, I still like them in the game and I like that they're surviving Milieu members and that they seem to possess some sort of drive that allows them to hop giant starsystems (Maybe they can go to a hyper-hyperspace where only supergiant stars make enough of a gravity well to jump back into normal space?) So I even would say I'd still actually like my least favourite race for the game.

Which is good, SC2 is a good game like that.
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