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Post by Rider »

Does anyone remember this? It was a project by a guy named Alexey Kharkov. Basically it was inspired by StarControl 2 and allowed you to play 'dogfight' with multiple ships at once in a very similar fashion to how Melee works. There was a StarControl mod for it too at some point which introduced a number of SC2 ships into the mix.

I'm trying to figure out how to get in touch with Alexey, because the project was really cool, but kind of fell off the earth for some reason. It was really easy to mod it and add new ships and weapons which was really cool... even though the game itself had a few bugs.

Through Google I managed to find a download for version 0.3, which I recommend you check out if you hadn't already. The controls are purported to be 1 and 2 for firing, but in reality this is Insert and Delete. The .img files for the ship graphics are just renamed bitmaps so you can go nuts with making your own stuff.

If anyone here knows how to get in touch with him, that'd be sweet :)
Hehe, that's what I said!
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Re: U-Space

Post by Angelfish »

There are a lot of Alexey Kharkov's around the world, but I think this is the linkedin profile of the alexey kharkov you're looking for.
He's of russian origin, and has worked in australia and is working in israel now. Which is consistent with what i've read from him on other sites (deviantart and some modeling site) ;).
So I suggest contacting him via linkedin.
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Re: U-Space

Post by Lukipela »

Impressive detecting Angelfish!

So Rider, did you manage to get a hold of your guy? Are there more SC ships on the way?
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