New ideas for SC without affecting the core

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New ideas for SC without affecting the core

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Just putting up a few ideas which i would like to see in the new SC, should it be possible to implement whilst keeping the game entertaining.

How about adding black holes and white holes, Magnetars, Neutron stars, I would hope quasi space would still be there, wormholes, but not too many as to make it feel like cheating, Hyperspace in all it's glory should definitely be part of the very core of the game, will there be different universes, that would be awesome, dimensions ? Or perhaps we should stick to our current dimension ?

What would be very rewarding is to find the next universe you would be progressing to, to be richer and more exotic than the previous, the further,deeper into space you go the greater the rewards, creating an addiction factor that only star control can provide, ie exotic planets, and minerals/technology, a very unique alien race, stumbling upon an older race that has been stuck in a solar system unable to advance, whereby you can be tasked to assist. finding a lost and forgotten spaceship far into space of say the human race, or alien, or both at various places, which will have unique technology on board that could be utilized if researched.
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