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Re: Coffee with Paul Reiche

Post by Anthony »

Here's the Status info page for Call of Duty: Space Warfare - ... y=85035865

There's an article about this on CVG. It mentions a developer called Sledgehammer Games is working on it. Then there's a statement from Activision confirming their involvement. ... eid=448656
The company is also for the first time announcing that a new game in the Call of Duty series is expected to be released in 2011 and that Sledgehammer Games, a newly formed, wholly owned studio, is in development on a Call of Duty game that will extend the franchise into the action-adventure genre. Sledgehammer is helmed by industry veterans Glen A. Schofield and Michael Condrey. Prior to joining Activision Publishing, Schofield was the Executive Producer of the award-winning game, Dead Space and Michael Condrey was the Sr. Development Director on the game. The Dead Space franchise has won more than 80 industry awards worldwide including the prestigious A.I.A.S. Action Game of the Year and two B.A.F.T.A.S.
Also, it's not just Space Warfare Activision has. They registered other domain names with the words "future warfare", "space warfare" and "advanced warfare". It makes me think of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. ... 2010-05-11

This basically means that there will be an insane amount of COD-related news flying around through now and 2011, even after Black Ops is completed. If TFB was involved in Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero Van Halen, there could be a small chance that they may be involved in COD somehow. It makes me wonder what COD with TFB-twist would be like. And now we have more unanswered questions. :D
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Re: Coffee with Paul Reiche

Post by Angelfish »

hmm, so in essence, COD:SW is going to be a Mass Effect ripoff?
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Re: Coffee with Paul Reiche

Post by Megagun »

That all depends on if they're going to fix the horrible-ities of Mass Effect or not... I'm looking at you, dodgy conversation mechanics (among other things)!
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