Star Control Clones and tributes

Star Control has inspired many fans to create new games based in the 'sc universe. For want of a better word, we call these project clones. They don't necessarily play at all like the original and aren't clones per se, but they all some form of melee and are based in the universe we all know and love.

Aftermath and AfterMath Wars

Aftermath is a very impressive project produced by madgap. Its basically a more modern tactical version of SC II, without conversation or story. You pilot a ship for the Alliance and spend your time setting up mines and colonies as well as improving your ship and attacking Ur-Quan forces. The game is extremely impressive, but has been abandoned by its creator. The project page can be found here, and madgaps blog over here.


TimeWarp was a fan based project back in 1998 and dedicated to creating a sequel to SC II that would replace the Accolade produced SC3. At one time this was a very large project with a huge amount of dedicated followers and several teams working on different aspects of the game. In the end, all the game produced was a melee with a plethora of different ships. There is still a TimeWarp Forum, although it is abandoned nowadays.The easiest way to see what TimeWarp once was is to use this installer (for Windows) that team member GeomanNL once made, and have a look for yourself. In addition to this, TimeWarp had several forks and offshoots. Most of these attempted to clean up the codebase and produce more stable melee versions.

TimeWarp X

TimeWarp X is a fork of TimeWarp that was created in 2003. It focused on scriptable missions and large scale battles. Much like the other forks of TimeWarp, the project is now dead.

TimeWarp Light

TimeWarp Light is another fork of the original TimeWarp project that was created in 2004. It is no longer under active development.


Technically, this is Star Control: Timewarp (Gob) or something like that. Gob was a small program bundled with Timewarp. Much like the rest of the project in became forgotten and abandoned long ago. One of the original developers, orz_tw Took up the torch again in 2008. There is currently a thread over on UQM where the newest version can be found and information about the project can be learned. It appears to be at a standstill once more though.

Star Control X

This project is a clone of the SC II melee. It is a DOS program, so you'll need DOSBox to run it.

The Ur-Quan Remasterers

The Ur-Quan Remasterers is, according to its site "a remake of the classic 2D space adventure game The Ur-Quan Masters. It will have more realistic physics using Physics 2D. It will have better graphics using OpenGL via SDL.NET." Te released version is a prealpha by Bioslayer and fadookie. The project has a Wiki of its own for the interested. It appears to no longer be under active development.


This project was busy recoding the melee portion of SC II under the XNA system. It was originally supposed to be released on Xbox Community, but due to legal reasons this never happened. MrBrian, who created this has since moved on to other things. Check out the XNA project and send him a thought, eh?

Star Control I

Star Control II

Star Control 3

StarCon (SC 4)

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