Star Control - 3D Models by Korky


Tsing is an old deck hand at this game. Unfortunately, most of his models are made in some seriously old programs and can't be displayed properly. fortunately, he has kindly agreed to update them and provide us with all sorts of goodies. Unofrtunately, this wil ltake some time. fortunately, there is already one model to behold, the Shofixti Scout!

Legal bit: These works were created by Tsing. He retains all legal right to them. You can use this model for your own personal amusement, but you are NOT allowed to use it for any commercial purposes as this is copyright-infringing. All due credit to those fine folks who created the original design for the game - in no way was this model intended to infringe on any of their copyrights. Feel free to distribute this archive, as long as it remains unaltered

Author contact info: We've got Tsings contact info on file. Get in touch with us if you want to talk to him.

Shofixti Scout

Mauler model

Description: Shofixti Scout
Format: Lightwave V9 object
Face Count: 46086
Required Maps paw.tga
Environment Setting: None
Video Post Settings None
General Comments Tsing says he can't texture worth a damn.

Here you can downoad the two required files; 1 , 2.

Star Control I

Star Control II

Star Control 3

StarCon (SC 4)

Star Control Origins