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Mods, or modifications, are alterations to a program. they can be small changes, such as giving yourself superior firepower, or larger ones, such as adding a new character or story to an existing plotline. In the StarControl world, the most well known mods are created for The Ur-Quan Masters, the amazing free and legal version of Star Control 2. In addition to that, eager fans will sometimes create mods that add the SC races to other games. these are much fewer and father in between.  Thus, this section divides naturally into two parts. The first one lists the UQM mods and gives a very brief description. The second part lists mods for other games. If you are working on a SC mod, or know of one we've missed, give us a holler by email or over on the forum!

The Ur Quan Masters mods

Mod name Author Link/Download
Project 6014 Mod Demo Cedric 6014 Project 6014
The Ur-Quan Masters - Extended edition 0xDEC0DE Submedia
UQM+ LightmanUQM Freewebs
The Net Melee Balance Mod Shiver Ultronomicon
Adjusted Ship Price Mod1 Shiver / Elvish Pillager Source / Windows
Elvish Pillager's Crazy Mod Elvish Pillager Source / Windows
The Time mod Kohr-Ah Death Bone Pit
The De-Cleansing Mod Kohr-Ah Death Bone Pit
The FMV mod Kohr-Ah Death Bone Pit

Most of these mods are pretty self explanatory. The first one is a demo of the amazing Project 6014, a fan inspired faux sequel to SC II run by Cedri6014 and brought to life by a team of inspired indivduals that he has gathered together.if you want to discuss it or offer your services, there's a thread here. If you wish to assist in the mod, contact Cedric. The following two modifies the full game by including extra material, the three after that changes the melee setup and the last three are minor modifications, the two first of which affect gameplay and story pretty heavily and aren't recommended for first time players.The last one allows for inclusion of the 3DO videos, should you happen to own a copy of that.

1 The creators of this mod want to point out that it's very basic and not that good. But it's an example of how mddable UQM is, and thus included in the list.

Other Mods

Currently, we know of only one mod to another game. But it's a whoopping big one. Seven Deadly Sins is a very large mod for the game Sins of a Solar Empire. While the mod is broad and all encompassing, one part of it is the introduction of the Star Control species in this strange new world. There's a thread with plenty of pictures in our mods section and a section on the Sins forum as well. The main page for this mod and related mods for the same game can be found here.

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