Fan Music

Over the years, there has been a lot of music produced in the key of Star Control. Countless musicians have ben inspired and touched by the game series and have often made their own very special tributes. Here we have tried our humble best to index those artists and present their amazing works. As always, our lists are woefully incomplete and we lack a ot of music. do you know of any SC music that should be featured here? Can you help us in our quest to index worthwile aural pleasures? Maybe you've even created some SC music yourself? Drop us a line and let us know!

The Precursors

To begin with, no list can be complete without the Precursors. They've remixed almost all songs from SC2, and their team consists of some very talented people. Check them out at their home page! In addition to the officila remixes, they have a ton of bonus material well worth listening to.

Mark Vera

In addition to his work with the Precursor team, Mark Vera has produced several Star Control independently. Some of these are in the OGG format, so a standard windows user might need to download a player or modify the media player. Check these out!

Name Format
Hyperspace Electro Blast MP3
Hyperspace OGG
Quasispace OGG


TheMisterCat is a weird presence in our world, someone capable of reimagining music and yet preserving it. He can scare us at times, yet his ability is undeniable. He has even created "remixes" for the Androsynth and Mmrnmhrm, despite them not having a proper theme to remix to begin with!

Name Format
StarBase Commander MP3
Exploration MP3
Hyperspace MP3
QuasiSpace MP3
Syreen MP3
Spathi MP3
Androsynth MP3
Mmrnmhrm MP3


Rush has created a couple of impressive remixes that are well worth your time.

Name Format
Yehat theme MP3
StarBase Commander MP3
Mystic Shadows MP3
HyperSpace MP3

Pablo Luna

Pablo is an old classic artist, who has created a lot of SC remixes. Check out his all new Yehat remix and SC Intro remix, presented to the world here for the first time ever.

Name Format
Chmrr suite MP3
Star Control Intro MP3
Orz theme MP3
Pkunk theme MP3
StarBase Commander MP3
Shofixti theme MP3
Supox theme MP3
Ur-Quan battle theme MP3
Space theme MP3
Star Control Intro number 2 MP3
Yehat theme MP3


Serosis is a prety new guy on the SC music scene, but he's done some cool UQM mods before. I guess it's artwork next eh?

Name Format
VUX theme OGG
Arilou theme OGG
Ilwrath theme OGG
Yehat theme OGG

Joseph Collins

Joseph Collins is another old classic artist who has recently resurfaced. He used to have a lot of music on the PNF back in the good old days, and we are pleased to once again have his music on board.

Name Format
Battle Theme - "Intergalactic Conflict" MP3
Ship Outfitting - "Modern Precursor" MP3
QuasiSpace - "Light in Mystic Shadows" MP3
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Theme - "The Ur-Quan Hierarchy" MP3
AndroSynth Theme - "Ruins of a Lost Race" MP3
AndroSynth Theme - "Ruins of a Lost Race" SC2 Ver. MP3
Spathi Theme - "Unidentified Black Spathi" MP3
Black Spathi Theme - "Black Spathi Victory" MP3

Various artists

There are some artists out there who have just made one or two songs. This list will help you find those.

Name Artist Format
Hyperspace The LT MP3
Hyperspace Saibuster MP3
Mystic Shadows mbassey MP3
HyperSpace Delta Prime
HyperSpace MicroKorg
Alex O'Neil
Yehat theme
Hyperspace MIDI Mix V2.1

Original Star Control II Music.

As an aside, anyone who came here looking for the in-game music rather than fan creations should probably head over to the Ultronomicon, where it is all beautifully indexed.

Star Control I

Star Control II

Star Control 3

StarCon (SC 4)

Star Control Origins