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Star Control inspires a lot of people. Some of these people are programmers. As a result, we've seen a lot of Star Control clones and spinoffs during the years. One of the most common problems for young programmers tends to be the lack of art resources. It doesn't help much if you've managed to craft a beatiful piece of code if it's accompanied by MS Paint images. People are going to whine and complain, because these days image means quite a bit. So to help all you future sequel creators out, we here at PNF have attempted to gather as many resources as we possibly can in one place for your convenience. All of these images, models and sounds have been created by someone else, so they can't be used commercially without the proper permissions. But if you're looking to create a short fun SC game, they will help you get off the ground.

The resources we provide can currently be divided into two separate groups. 2D art and 3D models.

2D Art

All the remastered SC1 and SC2 sprites from the Timewarp project, graciously donated by Angelfish. Star Control TimeWarp is public domain according to their legal blurb, so it's free to use. Stil, the polite and courteous thing would be to credit the Timewarp project for any material you use. Unfortunately the actual names of the makers are lost in time.

Bitmap graphics created by SpathiX back in the good old days when he made his DOS melee clone. These are copyright to SpathiX himself, but may be used in open source projects.

3D Models

Chenjesu Broodhome, Spathi Eluder, Vux Intruder - by Barak Sergal (Korky)

Druuge Mauler, Mycon Podship, Quasispace Portal, Arilou Skiff, Pkunk fury, Androsynth Guardian, Orz Nemesis
  - by Mango

Spathi Eluder - by Luis Gonzales (SpathiX)

Spathi Eluder - by Martin Perazzo

Umgah Drone - Slylendro

Shofixti Scout - Tsing

Full set of SC I models
- Dragon

Half set of SC II models
- Dragon

Low Poly Druuge Mauler
- Scott Irving

Off site

There are some further places to go if you're looking for resources and art. The Ultronomicon has a model repository, featuring some models by ptx. BigRyan has a CVS repository, although it would appear that many of his models are broken.

Star Control I

Star Control II

Star Control 3

StarCon (SC 4)

Star Control Origins