Star Control 2 concept art, unused graphics etc.

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Star Control 2 concept art, unused graphics etc.

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There are a few things I remember seeing a long time ago, on a webpage far away. I don't recall if they were hosted on the old PNF, or on some other Star Control fansite, but they definitely existed.

Basically, I'm looking for any "making of"/preliminary graphical stuff related to Star Control II. But I specifically recall these two things:

1) those pieces of original concept artwork for the various alien races - IIRC there were a few pencil drawings, and also a few photos of the actual paintings that were digitized for the comm screens.

2) a few screenshots of graphics that were created for SC2 but never used. I seem to remember that there were about 5-6 screens, most of them had different frames of unused ship sprites, explosions and so on. There was a golden Stinger for instance, but also a few totally unfamiliar designs... they might have been shots from the actual editor used in the design process. I believe they were hosted on a site whose proprietor went by 'Yukki' though I could be wrong.
EDIT: found these here!

Does anyone have these somewhere? Maybe even just the dead links (in case the Wayback Machine could've preserved them)?
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