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Even as a non-player of BEL, I still fondly remember reading over that thread. You people come up with some absolutely wicked characters. Star Control is in desperate need of an extended universe.

In the preceding years I've finished my Bachelors of Computer Science, became an rl cyborg, started my career in Systems Administration, and am basically knocking out all the CompTIA certifications one by one. I am extremely driven and ambitious, and am putting in some serious work to break out of some bad habits so I can make it in this career.

I'm also a published science fiction/light novel author on Amazon, with the physical release of my first book pending adjustments to the cover design. I highly recommend against reading it unless you're into monster girl smut mixed with Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri-esque ideological shenanigans.


But now that I've earned a few stripes as an author, I'm finally feeling confident enough to start working on an idea that's been swimming in my head since I was a human larva: a proper Star-Control inspired space opera book. Its working title is 'Offworld: Pirates of the Ballad Nebula' {yes, the name itself is a Starflight reference in multiple ways lol.} If there's any interest at all, I'd be happy to talk about it more and drop the cover art, snippets from the first few chapters, alien race designs, etc ~

As a matter of fact, I could use some help with alien race ideas and what little flourishes I can add to give them that added Star Control charm.
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