Children of Infinity Fandubbing

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Children of Infinity Fandubbing

Post by palmpet »

Considering there is a risk the game won't have voice acting at launch I tried my hand at dubbing over some of the lines in trailer and see how thay goes. Might try to help contribute to a fan voice mod if its necessary. I dunno if I'm any good though.

And honestly I'm sure the game will get offical voice acting eventually, just might take post launch sales.
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Re: Children of Infinity Fandubbing

Post by krulle »

For fans it'll be interesting to have the programmed hooks in, as those will make it easier to create fan dubbing for other languages.

I am, personally, not interested in a voice over.

With the official languages being expanded, hooks will be easily accessible for fans to create further fan translations.
Regarding that the team prefers additional languages over voice-overs has to do with making the game accessible for more populations.
So the next languages should be languages where the game has a chance to have plenty of sales.
African languages, or even Chinese.

A different alphabet also has the advantage that official support for top-down or left-right languages will be implemented.

Also, I liked your voices. The last one a tad less, but hey, that's all personal opinion anyway.
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