The Turning Fanfic

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The Turning Fanfic

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A single light shone in the darkness of the workshop. The dust floated in and out of the ambience as a man carefully and meticulously worked. On the wooden table there was a collection of small screws, assorted tiny gears, petite screwdrivers, and fragile pieces. The man stared at his work through a magnifying eyepiece and wiped the sweat from his forehead revealing his skin under a thick layer of dirt.

The silence of the room was occasionally broken by the winding and tinkering of the small gears as well as low mumbles as he talked himself through the steps. This was a long forgotten art form from an ancient and outdated time. His concentration was so deep; he did not immediately realize one of the sharp edges cut his finger. He could not be distracted now, so he wiped the blood on his shirt and continued.

He was almost done. One more tiny screw. Finished.

He slowly wound the pocket watch, and the “click click click” screamed through the stillness of the workshop. He cupped the watch in his hand and listened.


Time to go.
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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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In books or movies, there is usually a huge climatic battle at the end. Inevitably, the bad guys die and the good guy triumphs. There is a fade-to-black, and the audience left to assume that all is well, and that life finally returned to the peaceful norm that the hero was seeking. If only all stories were like this.

It’s been 189 years since Captain Zelnick destroyed the Sa-Matra and provided “peace” throughout the quadrant. There are those that would like to say that his journey had a glorious effect on the Alliance, but this is not a fantasy world. Immediately following the Sa-Matra’s destruction there was a time of peace; albeit a short time. The New Alliance of Free Stars rejoiced in their victory. They had obtained something that seemed… unreachable. Weeks later, the Alliance was jolted from their dreams as the Doctrinal Conflict continued.

The Kzer-Za continued their war; seeking and destroying the crippled Kohr-Ah. Captain Zelnick and the Alliance began diplomatic relations with the Kzer-Za and beseeched them to stop their war and remove the slave shields. The Kzer-Za refused saying that as long as the Kohr-Ah lived then they could not obliged the Alliance’s requests. Zelnick, content on letting the caterpillars commit ritual fraternal genocide, wanted to leave them to their whims. The Alliance, now enthralled with diplomacy, could not let this happen.

The Alliance declared war on the Kzer-Za in order to save the extinction of the Kohr-Ah. Zelnick was furious… afterall, how could the Alliance not understand the Ur-Quan doctrine by now? The Alliance soon got a cold dose of reality when the Kohr-Ah refused the Alliance aid and began attacking all Alliance ships. The Kzer-Za, frustrated with the Alliance’s lack of understanding or respect, began attacking the Alliance as well. There was now a war on three fronts – an all out melee cluster that eventually led to the extinction of the Kohr-Ah, a near extinction of the Kzer-Za, and the dissolution of the New Alliance of Free Stars. All of this happened in less than 30 years.

While this new war was happening, Captain Zelnick turned his back on the wayward Alliance. It hurt him too badly to see all that he fought for be stripped away so quickly because of lack of understanding of diplomacy. Captain Zelnick knew when to fight and when to talk… his fellow bureaucrats didn’t; they were interested in their own agendas and their own needs. This selfishness led to over a billion deaths of some of the finest military personal the galaxy has seen… not to mention unnamed amount of Ur-Quan that lost their lives.

The captain left the galaxy after making a poignant and biting speech to the council before the dissolution. Captain Zelnick disappeared from the Home Quadrant, and even today, there is no trace of him.

Bickering and infighting appeared all over the quadrant. The Human and Chmmr emissaries had to forcibly intervene between the Yehat and the Pkunk when another war broke out over the power of the royalty. While the Humans and Chmmr were busy dousing the fire of the Royal War, the Utwig and Druuge soon found themselves at odds with one another and began to fight. Syreen, wanting peace between the Utwig and Druuge, tried to mediate from a diplomatic viewpoint; however, they soon found themselves in the middle of another fight between the VUX and the Shofixti. To make matters worse, Mycon became belligerent towards their imposed restrictions and damned galaxy law. Several planets met there inevitable death at the hands of the Mycon.

The Home Quadrant was in complete disarray. Ironically, the Ur-Quan leadership or hate for that leadership was the glue that held the races together. Tragically, it seem that the age of peace had come to an end and chaos was the new bride.

Indeed, it was a marriage. For another 21 years, chaos ripped the Home Quadrant apart until, finally, leadership arose. Powerful and influential Human, Chmmr, Utwig, and Yehat leaders preached unity among the warring races. They explained that sentience could not move forward if it was killed. They begged their people to see past trivial hates and superficial discontent. The galaxy was tired of fighting, and eventually, they embraced the thought of actual peace.

After another 11 years of diplomacy, the United League was formed as a beacon for renewed faith and honor among all sentient life.

The League immediately began to try and restore order by appointing senators from each race to represent the vested interests of their fellow sentients. The Humans, Chmmr, Utwig, and Yehat representatives became the inner council as well as advisors to the others: the Syreen, Pkunk, Shofixti, Spathi, Supox, and the Zoq-Fot-Pik. In an attempt to eliminate disorder, the League forcibly suppressed the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Ilwrath, Thraddash, Mycon, and the VUX by limiting their production of ships, imposing harsh taxes, as well as threatening severe disciplinary action if any rules were broken. The Umgah, disinterested in any type of politics, declined the invitation to the League and were perfectly content operating within their own rules. The League continued to watch the antics of the Umgah, but since the Umgah never showed any malice, the League let them be. In order to control the Druuge, the League issued a trade embargo against them and threatened to permanently ground any League vessel that was found guilty of violating the embargo. It did not take long for the Druuge to seek business elsewhere, and they vanished from the Home Quadrant much to the joy of the Melnorme who now had a monopoly.

As time moved forward, the League reached out to the Slyandro and helped them further develop their society and government. The Humans showed great interest in helping the Slylandro, and eventually, with much help from the Humans, the Slylandro developed civilly and socially. In addition, the Humans helped the Slylandro create exosuits that allowed mobility on foreign soil as well as their own ship called the Noxium. With the expedited advancement of the Slylandro, the League unanimously voted that the Slylandro race should receive a seat on the council.

A few years later, the League began to notice the improvement in Thraddash behavior and rewarded them by lifting their harsh taxes. Over the years, the League slowly gave the Thraddash back their rights, and eventually removed them entirely from the suppression. Like the Slylandro, the Thraddash were also given a seat on the senate and were now able to be represented.

Other races such as the Arilou and Orz were considered too enigmatic for civilized government, and the League kept both at a very comfortable, albeit friendly distance. The League trusted the Arilou more than the Orz, so they entertained Arilou visits more often. Over the next 100 or so years, the Arilou introduced the League to Warp Bubble Technology. Unlike Hyperspace, Warp Bubbles allowed nearly instant travel to a fixed location billions of light years away. The Arilou gave the League the coordinates for a galaxy of stars much like those that the League calls home. With the help of the Arilou, they were able to construct a Translocator near Human space that allowed instant travel to this new galaxy called the Kessari Quadrant.

Towards the end of the construction for Translocator, a massive uprising erupted within the League ranks. The League Civil War had many causes, but its primary grievance lay on the hands of the League’s suppression. Throughout the League, there were many Ur-Quan sympathizers who fanatically opposed the League’s actions. The Rebellion consisted mainly of Humans, Yehats, Thraddashes, and VUXs. For six years, the League fought the Rebellion in a bloody, brutal war that claimed close to 500 million lives. The amount of life lost in such a short time was staggering. The League’s armada eventually and mercilessly annihilated all traces of the upstart rebellion. The League proved that it would seek peace at any cost; even the lives of their own.

In the aftermath of the rebellion, the League senate decided to not punish the Human, Yehat, and Thraddash races. It was determined that the VUX incited the rebellion and were responsible for the civil war. The VUX were already under League suppression and were warned about what would happen if they committed a major crime against the galaxy. The League forcibly and quickly removed all VUX from their homeworld and placed a slave shield around it to prevent any access to the planet. The VUX were divided randomly, and they were relocated all around the quadrant to work in mills, quarries, and camps as slave laborers. The League saw this as a necessary course of action to prevent future wars and the needless loss of life.

They refocused their effort on the exploration of the Kessari stars. Now, 189 years after the Sa-Matra met its fate, sentient life was about to embark on a completely new journey. The Translocator had been completed, and the inaugural Warp Team has been assembled. The first warp is extremely dangerous because there is not a way back. If the first warp is successful, the Warp Team will use a specialized Warpwave Broadcaster to communicate back to the Construction Team that it is safe, and then a Translocator will be built so that warps can be made from either the Home Quadrant or the Kessari Quadrant. This will, of course, take time, and it is up to the Warp Team to protect the Construction Team and the interests of the League.

A Human named Captain Ian McManus was selected to lead the Warp Team and handpicked his crew: Gunnery Sergeant Kronc Brug; Thraddash gunner, Special Forces Benjiro Nakamura; Shofixti weapons specialist, Lieutenant Dhreep-eep; Yehat navigator, Commander “Tazz” Tzzraqrzz; Chmmr Copilot, and Corporal Joshua Jacobi; Slylandro medic and alien relations specialist.
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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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Captain McManus stared at his ship, The Sojourner, through the observation deck of the mobile starbase. He couldn’t collect his emotions – or what he was feeling. His stomach knotted as he thought about what was before him. He knew that he was going to be part of history, and that he and his crew would be written about in the history books. He didn’t care… or he was too confused to care. Since he returned from the League Civil War, he has felt strange; almost disconnected from reality. He justified his jaded attitude by telling himself that war affects you… do it long enough, and you become numb.

“Hey, Mack.”

The captain’s thoughts were interrupted by a comforting voice. He turned to see his friend, Joshua Jacobi, walking towards him.

“Hey, Josh.”

Joshua’s exosuit moaned and depressurized as it moved. He walked closer to the captain and asked, “Everything all right? You seem a bit out of it.”

Ian smirked and said, “Yeah, man. Just thinking a little.”

“About tomorrow?”

Ian nodded. He turned away from Joshua and placed both hands on the guard rail. He sighed and hung his head, “Josh… what… I mean… well, what do you think?”

“What do I think about tomorrow?”


“Mack, I’m as scared as you are. We all are.”

“Josh, that’s not what I’m talking about.”

Ian turned back around to look at the Slylandro and said, “Are we right?”

Slightly confused Joshua said, “Right? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ian scrunched his nose and continued, “About what we’re doing. About what we’ve done. I know we wouldn’t be where we are right now if it wasn’t for the League. I’m grateful, I am. I just question their actions sometimes, you know?”

“Si vis pacem, para bellum. You know this, Mack.”

“And I do want peace, Josh, I do.”

Before Ian could continue Joshua interrupted, “Mack, look. You and me both know that what happened during the civil war was… was just horrible. The stuff that we saw. The stuff that we did. We’re not going to forget it. But that’s just us. People aren’t going to remember that. They’re going to remember the ‘heroes that thwarted a rebellion’. We have to live with ourselves and what we did, but everyone else has to live with our results. The body is more important than a finger… in Human terms.”

Ian nodded.

“And Mack, what we do tomorrow will be remembered forever. Only me and you are going to remember that our fearless captain had a sudden attack of conscience the night before.”

Joshua placed his mechanical hand on Ian’s shoulders, and Joshua formed a glowing smiling face. Ian smiled and laughed, “I can never keep a straight face when you do that.”

“I know, buddy.”

“Thanks, Josh.”

Ian paused for a moment and spoke to break the slight awkwardness, “They’ve given her some pretty good upgrades,” he shifted focus to The Sojourner.

“Yeah, I was looking at the report you sent us. Kronc was giddy about the turret changes. I’ve never seen a Thraddash get that excited.”

Ian smiled at Joshua, “Yeah, I figured he would like it.”

They both leaned against the guard rail and stared at the ship.

This time Joshua broke the silence, “It’s really going to happen. Man. It’s hard to believe we’re doing this.”

“Yep. It is.” Ian straightened and placed his hand on Josh, “I should probably get some sleep.”

“You do that, Mack. I’ll see you in the morning.”



As Ian walked to his cabin, Joshua turned back towards the ship and continued to stare.

It was a rough night for Ian. He didn’t sleep well. The anxiety kept him from fully falling asleep. He fell in and out of consciousness all night, but the night seemed to drag on and on. It was finally morning, but despite his lack of sleep, he was not groggy. He was ready for the day to begin. He knew he should be tired but his excitement overshadowed his body’s yearnings… including hunger.

As routine ordained, Ian walked to the mess hall to eat breakfast with the rest of his crew. Even though he wasn’t hungry, he was going to force himself to eat; plus, it allowed him time to gauge how the rest of the crew was feeling.

The rest of the crew had already eaten and were sitting at the table. Ian could hear parts of what they were saying, but then it was overshadowed by raucous laughter. As he approached, Benjiro and Dhreep-eep were bent over in laughter while a not-too-pleased Kronc pointed and yelled.

“Mack, Mack… tell these fodder slugs to shut their holes,” yelled Kronc.

Ian sat down with his tray and chuckled at his friends. He shook his head a little and asked, “Kronc, are they picking on you again?”

Kronc snorted and lightly punched Dhreep in the side.

Still snickering, Dhreep turned to Ian and said, “Mack… Mack, ya gota ausk da big dum-me what ‘ee buh-leeves about where we’re-da going.”

“Shut yur stupid beak!”

Smiling Ian put his hand in the air and said, “Hold on you two. Hold on. Kronc…”

Kronc stared at Ian and grunted. Ian looked at Dhreep-eep, “Ok Dhreep. What now?”

“He thinks thaut we came frum space cows.”

“That’s not what I said you dumb yellow idiot!”

There was more laughter. Ian was still trying to sort out what was going on, but with all the laughter he couldn’t help but to start laughing too. He kept trying to compose himself, but it became increasingly harder every time he looked at his friends. Finally, he said, “Ok, ok. Kronc. Tell me. What were you saying? About the cows?”

“It’s not about tha stupid bloody cows,” Kronc said more agitated.

Ian raised his glass of milk. Unfortunately, the pun was lost on Kronc. Benjiro started wheezing in laughter. Not amused, Kronc ignored Benjiro and Dhreep-eep, focused on Ian, and said, “All I was saying was that I was-a wondering if this new place we’re going… maybe… um, SHUT UP, maybe um we would meet those Precursor fellas. Cuz yous never know, they could’ve gone to where we’re going.”

Ian cocked his head to the side and said, “Not likely Kronc. Precursors vanished millennia ago. Nothing suggests that they would be that accessible… besides the Arilou would’ve told us if they knew that Precursors were still around and…”
Dhreep-eep interrupted Ian by looking at Kronc and saying, “Moo.”

Kronc punched Dhreep-eep again; this time hard.

Ian placed his hand over his mouth to hide his smiled and asked Kronc, “Cows?”

Kronc stared at Dhreep-eep and answered Ian, “Yuh. I heard the Precursors were a type of cow.”

Ian, now trying everything in his power to not laugh, entertained Kronc and said, “Really. From who?”

“It’s a legend,” Kronc whispered while looking down at Dhreep-eep.

Swallowing his laugher, Ian said, “Kronc. Of all the accolades that the Precursors achieved, do you really think they were cows?”

“I didn’t say I did! I just said it was a legend. That beaked jackhole started saying I thought we came from space cows!” Kronc snorted again.

Dhreep-eep looked at Kronc again and let out another “moo”. This time Kronc couldn’t help but to laugh.
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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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He sat, unafraid, in the colorless, dimly lit square room. It was polished steel – all four walls as well as the ceiling and floor. His olive trenchcoat and brimmed hat were the only splashes of color. Even his chair was this colorless metal. He bent over slightly and stared at the door. He pulled the brim of his hat to shadow his eyes; if that door opened, he didn’t want the light to blind him.

They had contacted him because of his past, and, quite frankly, his present. He wasn’t sure exactly what they wanted, but he wasn’t going to take any chances. He reached towards his back and under his coat and unsnapped the sheath to his blade as well as unlatching his holster for his pistol. He was alive because he didn’t take anything for granted. Unlike other humans, he didn’t have a fear of aliens. He knew that he was enough to fear regardless what species you happen to be.

He continued to wait. As he waited, he opened his pocket watch. As he glared at it, he grew more and more impatient.

“I hate waiting.” He said out loud.

He sighed and continued his gaze on his watch. He pulled the winder out, and wound the watch forward.

“There. Now, we have the right time.” He said again out loud.

The unlocking of the door echoed in the steel chamber, and he slowly stood and watched the door open. He slid his hand over his pistol – ready and waiting. The alien’s silhouette came into focus as it entered into the room. It was a large, long creature with many, many eyes. It seemed to be half metal and half organic with a crystalline shell.

It looked at him and said, “Don’t be alarmed. You won’t need that gun.”

Impressed that it knew that he had a gun, he moved his hands back to his sides and spoke from under his hat, “What do you want?”

“We called you here because of who you are and what you can do.”

“I figured that out.”

“What do we call you, human?”

“Keeper. Just call me Keeper.”

“Very well. Keeper, please follow me. The ambassador would like to speak with you.”

Keeper nodded his head and began to follow the alien. He snapped his watch shut and placed it back into his pocket.

Keeper kept pace behind the alien along several tall corridors and winding paths. Eventually, they came to a giant doorway.

“I’m assuming this is where I’m meeting the ambassador?” asked Keeper.


The alien opened the two giant doors, and motioned for Keeper to enter. The room was dull in color and it was amphitheater of sorts with many “seats” for a council. Keeper looked toward the center of the room, and he saw the ambassador surrounded by several of his body guards. He turned to look at his escort but the doors were being shut behind him. Keeper half grinned and continued to walk toward the ambassador.

“So, the human has finally graced us with his presence!” quipped the ambassador.

Keeper placed his hands in his coat pocket as he continued his amble towards the ambassador and his guards and answered, “Nice to meet you too.”

“Save the pleasantries, human. You’re only here because I’m allowing you to be here.”

Keeper got closer and said, “really?”

“Your kind disgusts me. Humanity has been a plague. Your kind endlessly devours all life and thrives on power. You have something that we need. Unfortunately.

“We?” asked Keeper.

“We are the Keetron. We are the saviors.”

Keeper stared at the Keetron with his hands still in his pockets.

The ambassador continued, “You were picked by a Durreaux and inexplicably graced with technologies that a human should never possess. We require that technology.”

“And what makes you think I’m going to volunteer this technology to a species I’ve never met… or is not important enough for me to remember meeting.”

“HOLD YOUR TONGUE, HUMAN! You have the audacity to mock me and my race in my presence?”

“And in your council room,” added Keeper.

The Keetron snarled at Keeper, and the ambassador’s guards began to form a close circle around Keeper.

“Human, I am no one to be trifled with. I intended to finally cleanse human filth from the galaxy after we have that Durreassian technology…”

Before the ambassador could finish the word, Keeper’s fist, aided by titanium knuckles, connected centrally in the face of the Keetron killing him instantly. The force of the blow was so strong that it shattered the ambassador’s crystalline shell and crumble his long caterpillar-like body into itself. Purple and green liquids flowed from the shattered head of the ambassador.

The guards could barely react to Keeper. His movements were so quick; so sharp that it was almost as if he was appearing and reappearing.

Keeper almost ripped a guard’s head completely from his body with his second titanium knuckled punch. Keeper had easily escaped the guard’s flanking attempt, and he removed his blade from its sheath. Precision slices, that were too quick even for a Keetron eye, severed and cut straight through alien metal and alloy, flesh, and diamond hard shells.

In less than five seconds, the Keetron ambassador and his six guards were dead at Keeper’s feet.
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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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Keeper heard a low resonance coming from the walls of the chamber. He could tell more Keetron were surrounding the room. He gripped his blade with both hands and slid them along the hilt, extending it. He then gripped it in the middle and split it apart and attached the ends together; making a staff. He readied himself for the ensuing fight.

The chamber doors erupted. Keeper, at the bottom of the amphitheater, waited for the throngs to attack. A lone Keetron entered the room. He was massive; much larger than the ambassador and the guards. His shell and body were intricately decorated and etched with mysterious symbols. The machina in his body hiss and moaned as he grew closer to Keeper.

He stopped and stared at Keeper. Behind the Keetron the doors to the council room closed. The Keetron said, “Greetings.”

Keeper didn’t move.

The Keetron continued, “The infamous ‘Keeper of Time’. I am much honored to finally meet you.”

Keeper looked at the remains of the ambassador and pointed to him and said, “More ‘honored’ than him, I hope. Your ambassador was terrible at ‘ambassating’.”

“I apologize for Puju’s behavior. He had a horrible personality defect that was unbecoming of all Keetron.”

Keeper raised the brim of his hat and said, “Oh? What was that?”


Keeper smiled and began to laugh.

The Keetron said, “No worries, though. I had planned on having him assassinated. You saved me the trouble.”

“Glad I could help.”

The Keetron moved closer to Keeper and said, “My name is General Qax. I am the overseer of all military operations of the Keetron race. I have summoned you, specifically you, dear Human. I know that you come from a time when Humans were, simply put, ‘good’. I do not fault you for being born a Human, and I consider it a blessing that you still exist; uncorrupted.”

Keeper, no longer sensing danger, dismantled his staff and sheathed his blade. He walked up to the Keetron and said, “General, I am corrupted.”

“Gifted and blessed are the words I would have chosen. Keeper, I know your past. I know how you were created. You’re still a Human. Don’t ever forget that.”

“General… time changes everything. Which… I’m assuming, is why I’m here?”

Qax broke his gaze from Keeper, “Yes. And, I see that it’s not a myth. I see the Durreaux’s experiments were a success.”

Keeper nodded, “Yeah.”

Qax again looked at Keeper, “Is it true? Are you immortal?”

Another smile crept across Keeper’s face, “Sometimes it feels like it. I’m 3672… in Earth years. They tried to make me immortal... indestructible. But, even the Durreaux aren’t that good. Even I can’t stop time altogether… I just have a better relationship with it than anyone else.”

Qax leaned backwards and asked, “Could you explain… please. I need to know. You, your powers, may be the only hope for free life.”

“General, it’s all very complicated…”

“Please, Keeper. I must know. I need to know if this will be our answer. Or, if I need to keep searching.”

Keeper sighed, “It’s the answer. But, I have to ask, why me? Why not go to the Durreaux? They created you. Why not seek help from them?”

Qax’s eyes widened, “How… you know? But, I thought you have never heard of us.”

“General, of course I know. I helped with The Collection… in fact, I headed the operation. Secos only trusted me to handle such a huge and important ordeal.”


Keeper again sighed, “The Durreaux that adopted me. Created me. Did all this insane crap to me.”

Qax asked, “And, how is this Secos?”

“Alive, unfortunately. I was supposed to be his ultimate weapon. His bodyguard. He created me to annihilate any threat to him. He gave me unmatched biological powers, sophisticated and unprecedented weapons, and, the kicker, the ability to control time.”

Keeper paused for a moment and tilted his head downward and continued, “I served him faithfully for years. I finally realized what I was doing. You know, it’s funny, really. The Durreaux, with all of their mounds and mounds of super biological knowledge, couldn’t remove an essential trait. Humanity.”

Puzzled, Qax asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Keeper turned around and said, “I mean… your ambassador was right. Humanity thrives for power. Humanity will not be conquered if there is breath in its lungs. It took me awhile to realize this. Humanity is not meant to be slaves.”

“So you escaped Secos?”

Keeper turned back around, “I wouldn’t say escaped… more along the lines of ‘forced-my-way-out-while-destroying-every-Durreaux-that-got-in-my-way’.”

Qax nodded, “I see. Is Secos still looking for you?”

“Who knows, General. The Durreaux are strange. Their plans have never made much sense to me… especially Secos’.”

There was a moment of silence. Keeper could tell that Qax was searching for words. He said, “Don’t worry, General. They won’t find me here. Even if they do, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to attack. I know that for sure.”

“Thank you for that reassurance, Keeper. I do have another question."

Keeper said, "Ask away."

"Why are you so liberal with your information with me? Yet, you killed the ambassador when he asked?"

Keeper grinned and said, "I've already killed you four times and blown up this starbase. I decided to see where peaceful negotiations brought me."

For the first time, Qax laughed and said, "Come. Let’s leave this place. Let’s continue our conversation while I give you a tour of our Starb...”

Qax caught the slight smile on Keeper's face from the corner of his eyes and said, "You've already been on the tour, haven't you?"

Keeper chuckled again, "It's ok General. I want to see it again."

Keeper followed the Keetron outside the council room, grinning the entire time.
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Re: The Turning Fanfic

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After breakfast, The Sojourner’s crew finished packing the ship with supplies and made final calibrations for the upcoming jump. As the team readied themselves, there was a haze of solemn anxiety. The usual banter and friendly mocking between Dhreep-eep and Kronc was noticeably omitted during preparations. Joshua did his best to calm the nerves of his fellow crewmates while Ian met with the League council.

The crew was ready for launch and were stationed and waiting for Ian to return to the ship. As minutes grew into hours, the crew became more anxious and impatient.

“Josh, whadduya think those slapheads are flapping to Mack about?” asked Kronc.

Joshua hesitated and said, “I’m not sure. It concerns me, though. It shouldn’t be taking this long. We’re already behind schedule.”

“Hey Tazz,” Dhreep-eep said to the Chmmr, “Do ya think tha we’culd hack into thuh meetun room’s sound mainframe’n see what they’re’uh talkin about?”

“Absolutely not!” yelled Joshua.

“I’LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO.” said Tazz, completely ignoring Joshua’s interjection.

“Tazz! Did you not hear what I said? We can’t do that.” Joshua pleaded.


“Oh shut up and hack the bloody system.” said Kronc.


“This isn’t right.” said Joshua, but his words fell upon deaf ears as the voices from the council room where beginning to be heard on The Soujourner.

“…I will not do that. I’m pulling myself and my crew from this mission.” It was Ian.

Another human spoke, “If you do this, you will be guilty of treason. You know the League’s consequences for treason.”

“Then kill me!” yelled Ian. “I will not further endanger the lives of my crew for the League’s own bloodthirsty ambition.”

“Bloodthirsty?” an obviously angry voice screamed, “You dare call this League ‘bloodthirsty’?”

“Yes,” answered Ian, “Because you bureaucrats have lost sight of what the League originally stood for… Freedom… not suppression… not expansion.”

“Captain, you are quickly treading into territory that I’m advising you to stay away from.” said the angry voice.

Ian continued, “You can find another puppet. I’m not doing it.”

Another two voices were heard but were garbled in the static and the arguing.

“Sounds like they’re pretty pissed.” whispered Kronc.

“Shhh, I try to make out what they say.” said Benjiro.

Finally, the arguing ceased, and the original angry voice said, “Captain, considering the stress and danger of this mission, we will strike your original comments to us from record; however, you are on probation. Also, you will continue the mission as originally planned, but, as an addition, the Strike Team will follow the Construction Team. At this time, you and your crew’s mission will be complete and you will return home. Is this understood?”

There was silence.

“Captain McManus, IS-THIS-UNDERSTOOD?” The voice was obviously perturbed.

“I’ll let you know when my mission is over.” said Ian, and before the voice could respond, he killed the transmission.

Baffled by what they just heard, the crew looked around at each other waiting for someone to say something. Dhreep-eep broke the silence, “Jaush, I’m thinkin yu need’a’be tha one tha says sumthin.”

“What? No.” said Joshua, “I didn’t want to hack it to begin with. Remember?”


Benjiro interrupted, “And you and Mack are closest.”

Josh argued with the others until they finally convinced him to talk to Ian about what was said. When Ian returned to The Sojourner, Joshua explained to him what had happened, and to the chagrin of Ian, he began to explain what the League wanted.

“Guys… listen. The League doesn’t care about our lives. We’re numbers to them. The only reason why I was able to make demands is because I know they have no choice… no other team willing and able to do what they want besides us.”

Kronc said, “Yeah we bloody know that Mack. We heard. What did they friggin’ want that got you so pissed? And what is this about a bloody strike team?”

“I’m getting there Kronc. Be patient. Look. I need to know, right now, right here and now, if you are with ME… not the League… but with me. Would all of you trust my decisions no matter what?”

The crew looked around and began nodding at each other. Joshua said, “Mack, I believe I can speak for the rest of the team; we are loyal to you. No one else. We trust you implicitly.”

“Impissedly?” whispered Kronc. Dhreep-eep elbowed him in the ribs.

Unaware of Kronc, Joshua continued, “We’ve all been through a lot together. You’re our leader, Mack. So… lead us.”

“Good,” said Ian, “So, here’s the deal. The League got wind of a civil war of some sorts from Arilou ambassadors. It seems two factions in the Kessari Quadrant are mercilessly destroying each other.”

“So, tha’is life there.” said Dhreep-eep.

Ian nodded, “Yep. The League wanted us to make the jump, clear the path for the Construction Team, and get that Translocator up as quickly as possible while doing recon. After the Translocator was built, they wanted us to lead a Strike Team to aid the stronger faction so that their enemies could be subdued more quickly. After one faction was defeated, we were supposed to lead a huge team against the ones we aided. Once we defeated and subdued both factions we were supposed to “suppress” all sentience and expand the League across the Kessari stars. The races that behave will be rewarded and lifted from their suppression… like Kronc and his people… to join and fight for the League.”

Kronc cursed and punched the wall of the ship. He began to flail wildly and it took Benjiro, Joshua, and Dhreep-epp to hold him until he calmed down. Kronc stared up at Ian through fiery eyes and said, “I’m hoping you have a different plan.”

Ian motioned for the others to release Kronc and reached out toward his friend, “Old buddy, I assure you of that. I will never be a part of an enslaving regime again.”


Ian smiled, “Not quite sure. I haven't thought that far ahead yet.”

Dhreep-eep said, “Ha! Knowin you it'sa’not gunna make the League t’happy, izzit?”

Kronc smiled, “Sounds like suicide. Sounds fun.”

Ian, now filled with confidence and determination said, “Tazz, prepare engines for the jump. Kronc ready the turret, I’m sure we’re going to get some turbulence after we warp. Dhreep, set our course for the Kessari Quadrant,” Ian took a deep breath and said, “Let’s do this.”
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