Star Control: Zelnick and Friends

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Star Control: Zelnick and Friends

Post by Rezzoplis »

EPISODE 1 - " Pilot "
SYNOPSIS - Zelnick doesn't want Pancakes, so Fwiffo makes a Rube Goldberg Machine to feed Zelnick Pancakes.
[ Screen shows Earth and Luna ]
NARRATOR: Earth! A cool place to LIVE! And it'll get even more Cooler, i betcha!
[ Screen zooms in ]
NARRATOR: Now you will see the Daily lifes of Fwiffo, a Spathi, Talana, a Syreen, and finally; Zelnick, a Human.
NARRATOR: Lets get going, shall we?
[ Screen changes to Zelnick's Vindicator, turned into a House ]
NARRATOR: Here's Zelnick!
Zelnick: Hi there!
NARRATOR: And here's Fwiffo.
Fwiffo: AGH! You scared me, so not NICE!
NARRATOR: Last, but not Least! Talana!
Talana: Hey there.
[ Screen changes to Zelnick's Vindicator, turned into a House )
Zelnick: Fwiffo, FWIFFO!!!
[ Fwiffo comes running in ]
Fwiffo: AAAAAH!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
Zelnick: Why is there a Uam, splattered on the floor!
Fwiffo: I made a Rube Goldberg Machine to feed me a Uam, but it failed.
Zelnick: GAH!
Zelnick: I demand you to eat The Splattered Uam!
Fwiffo: [ In a Panicked Tone ] Uh, uuuhh, okay?
Zelnick: GET A STRAW!!!!
[ Talana walks in ]
Zelnick: [ Points at Fwiffo ] He did it.
Fwiffo: [ Points at Zelnick ] NO HE DID IT!
Talana: STOP IT!
[ Zelnick and Fwiffo go silent ]
Talana: Fwiffo's getting his Favorite Spathiwa Vegetable, The Uams with a side of Narrit stew. And ZELNICK.. Is getting... PANCAKES.
Fwiffo: That's what you get for being a Bad, Bad Hunam!
Zelnick: [ Bends down to Fwiffo ] ssssssssssssssssssshh....
Talana: Oh no you didn't Zelnick! You just silenced Fwiffo.
Zelnick: I know that, as a fact. And i'm doing Silly Rhymes, in front of a Dime.
Fwiffo: Stop the Rhymes! JUST STOP!!
Zelnick: Guy, and Gal. I'm leaving to Eat at Commander Hayes Starbase!
Fwiffo: He turned it into a Restaurant?
Zelnick: Yeah, he did!
Zelnick: And please, i'm leaving. Go set up your Random Trap for me when i come back.
[ Zelnick runs out of His House and into his Lawn ]
[ The Screen Changes into Zelnick's Front Lawn ]
Zelnick. [ Sighs ]
[ A Supox comes up ]
Supox: It's Captain Zelnick! Can i have your Autograph?
Zelnick: Hi There! I'm sorry, but; I'm not taking Autographs now.
Supox: Awww.. [ Goes back down ]
[ Zelnick walks to Commander Hayes Starbase ]
[ The Screen changes to Commander Hayes Starbase ]
Hayes: Hi there, Zelnick! We're serving the Special.
Zelnick: What Special?
Hayes: Pancakes with BUTTER!
Zelnick: AAGH!
Hayes: What's the matter? Why do you hate Pancakes?
Zelnick: I'm not telling the story, it's TOO Embarrassing.
Hayes: Okay, don't be Wet.
Zelnick: Okay?
Hayes: Okay!
Hayes: Come on, take a seat. Besides, this place is quite neat!
Zelnick: I'm not sittin' next to ZEX!
ZEX: Come on, my dear Human!
[ Zelnick slaps ZEX ]
Hayes: Oh no you didn't!
Zelnick: Oh yes, i DID!
ZEX: Ow, my dear Human.
Zelnick: I'm getting out of this mess.
Hayes: Nope.
[ All the Exits in Hayes Starbase closes down ]
Zelnick: WHAT?!?! SAY WHAT?!?!?!
Umgah: HAR HAR. You said The Nerd Word. HAR HAR HAR.
[ Zelnick runs up to the blocked Door and starts banging on it ]
Zelnick: LET ME OUT!! LET ME OUT!!!!
Hayes: Come on, SIT.
Zelnick: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Hayes:[ Whispering ] We need Someone to sit Captain Zelnick down.
[ Two buff Humans walk in ]
Human 1: Looks like we got a Case on our Muscles.
Human 2: Got that right, Scotty.
Scotty: Yep, that's right Buck.
Buck: Uh-huh.
Zelnick: I wanna go hooooome..
[ Scotty and Buck pick Zelnick up, and sits him down on a seat next to Admiral ZEX )
Scotty: Now to hold this sucker down.
[ Scotty holds Zelnick down on His seat]
Hayes: Now for The Pancakes.
Zelnick: [ Screams ]
Buck: What about me?
Scotty: I don't know, bro.
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Re: Star Control: Zelnick and Friends

Post by Stickman_king_28 »

Okay. Apologies because this isn't on the comments thread (and I'm doing some thread necromancy) , but this is more of a request than a comment. I would like you to include these episode ideas. I hope you find them funny.
Idea 1: zelnick starts getting interviewed about his heroism during the ur quan slave war. He acts a little awkward because of being bombarded by fanmail, people wanting to selfie with him, etc.

Idea 2: taking a page from p6014's book here, some crazy stuff happens in the chmmr base, including zelnick being used to the vindicator and screwing up piloting the discovery.

Idea 3: it's zelnick's aneversary and he and talana go to watch a frungy match with the zoq-fot-pik. There, they become insanely confused about how frungy is actually played. The narraratior pretty much says the commentary but thinks zelnick already knows the rules, so he just says things like "whoa, an amazing double score from team so-and-so!" and "ooh, a nice defence from that fot over there, as professional as he is mute!" (the fot don't talk) as zelnick and talana just sit there confused.

So once again, sorry for posting here and necromancing this thread, but I really wanted to just get these suggestions through, so I hope you don't hate me for this. Keep on with your work, I want to see more z&f.
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