The Pages of Now and Forever strives to link to all SC sites out on the net. If you think we’ve missed one, contact us by email or on the Star Control Discussion Board. To your right, the main navigation bar provides quick links to the most active SC sites out there. On this page, you’ll find short descriptions of those sites in case you don’t want to just blindly click a link. In addition, this page also contains links to a lot of smaller SC sites. These are mostly the sites of independent artists who have taken an interest in SC, and contain a lot of beautiful material.


Picture: UQM menuscreenshot

The Ur-Quan Masters is probably the biggest thing to happen in the SC world for quite some time. The project has ported the code from the 3DO version of SC II and made it possible to run the program on modern computers without any hassle. The new game allows you to play Star Control II as seen on 3DO or PC. It also allows you to play melee over the net, and is thus well worth checking out. In addition to this, UQM comes with all sorts of optional bells and whistles such as remixed music.


Picture: Frungylovers main page

Frungylovers is the SC livejournal site. Well, the only one we know of anyhow. There might be others out there in some strange wacky foreign language, so if you know about one do let us know! It’s filled with fan fiction, fan art and a generally lovable population of zealous ZEX fans. Not everything on the site is PG-13, so some care is advisable. Still, this vibrant community often ponders SC from new and fresh perspectives that don’t necessarily come up here.


Picture: StarController main page

StarController is Anthony Suarez’s one man project, a great blog that focuses on both news and SC themed articles of all kinds. Thanks to him, we know how much Duke Nukem loves Star Control. He updates regularly and often comes up with very interesting background facts about the SC universe. He also has a great set of links to many different SC sites and forum threads of interest.


Picture: Ultronomicon main page

Back in the day, PNF was a major information bank for the SC games. If you wanted information about anything in the games, this is where you came. Today, the Ultronomicon fills that purpose to a large degree. The Ultronomicon is a Star Control wiki that contains both spoiler free sections for the beginner and as extensive material for the pro. Anyone can contribute, so if you like wikis you can jump right in! while the project has progressed to a point where the site already contains a very impressive amount of information, help is always appreciated.

As the Ultronomicon is an extension of UQM, the wiki mostly covers SC II and by association the original Star Control. It has no articles on SC3 or StarCon, as these are not regarded as integral for a UQM wiki or canon by the fan base.


Picture: Precursors Icon

The Precursor project focuses on remaking the music we all know and love from SC2. The group consists of several artists, most notably Riku Nuottajärvi who created some of the original SC II music. So far they’ve completed three remix packs and only the final one remains. Unfortunately, this final pack is severely delayed. Fortunately, what they have produced is A-OK. Unfortunately, those last songs contain some of the most expected remixes. Fortunately, the Precursor project is an offshoot of UQM and it is possible (and very easy) to run UQM with remixed music.

Other sites

These sites aren’t linked in the sidebar, but well worth checking out anyhow. They are mostly personal homepages of avid fans, filled with spectacular SC content. We hope you’ll enjoy the amazing creations featured on them. And if you know of a site that should be here but isn’t, please let us know!

Star Control 2:UQM Facebook Group

SC2:UQM Facebook Group "The" facebook group - over 700 members

Famous battles of the Ur-Quan conflict

Eth is the community historian. His site deals with the alternate versions of Star Control 1 created for such illustrious systems as the Amstrad and the C64. It attempts to explain the differences between theses versions and the PC/Amiga version canonically. While the site is not finished, it contains some interesting information on some pretty unknown versions of the game.

Zensmurfys art site

Zensmurfy is a pretty talented artist with his own site. On it he shows off some beautiful SC models and lovely art. Make sure to check out the cool animations he has made as well! is a site made by one of the real veterans in the SC fandom, Tsing. This site containing some 3D models and other interesting tidbits.

ZarlasSC hub & art

Zarla is probably the most active member of frungylovers, and amazingly productive. When not busy with any of her other projects, she produces some of the cutest art out there. She has both her own SC hub and a deviantart pagewith SC material.. Both well worth checking out!

Arnes SC stuff

Arne is another very talented artist who produces some amazing SC material. He hosts it both on Android Arts and PSG, his lovely sites. He has some ideas for SC spinoff games but no project has passed the concept stage as of yet. Even so, you should definitely go check out some of the finest art around!

StarControl Astrology site

Here you can find your own SC star sign. Perhaps you will learn something about yourself. Perhaps not. Terrorpin came up with this pretty funny system before he disappeared from theSC scene.Never even registered on the new forum.

Star Control I

Star Control II

Star Control 3

StarCon (SC 4)

Star Control Origins